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The Smart Dog Tracker for Smart Pet Parents

Our mission at Link is to enhance pet engagement through innovation. Link 3 connects you with your pet to aid in training, monitor health and wellness, document on-the-go adventures, and to create a safe ecosystem for your pet.

Connecting Pets with Their People

Virtual Leash2 Iphone Virtual Border

Training Aqua Training

Virtual Leash: A safe zone that moves with you

Geofencing: Boundaries to keep your pet safe in one location indoors

Reminder Beacons: Keep your pet off furniture and away from designated zones

Humane Correction: Tones and vibrations to humanely aid your pet’s training

Activity Monitoring Iphone Activity Border

Activity Teal Health and Wellness

Machine Learning: Link 3 studies your pet’s activity to keep you informed about his movements, throughout the day

Movement Identifier: Track your pet’s movements to monitor walking, running, and sleeping patterns

Health Monitoring: Identify excessive behaviors like scratching, itching, and chewing that act as warning signs for illness

Safe Places Iphone Go Border

Location Teal On the Go

GPS Tracking: Locate the exact GPS coordinates of your pet using cellular data

Find Pet Friendly Places: Keep tabs on all the pet-friendly places in your neighborhood or wherever you’re traveling

Create Adventures to Share: Make memories that last forever by taking pictures and videos, and logging your activity to create an adventure to share with friends, family, and the Link community

IoT Technology Connectivity

Link 3 connects with all of your favorite pet technology to create a safe ecosystem for your pet.

Door slider & RFID Integration

Integration with door sliders makes sure that all your pet’s devices are talking to one another and giving you accurate, up-to-date information

Bluetooth Zones

Save on battery life by working off designated Bluetooth zones instead of cellular data

Smart Home Connectivity

Pair the Link 3 with your other smart home devices to have a fully integrated home for both you and your pet

For Escape Artists

“We love our Link tracker! My favorite is the “adventure” feature. I love that it follows exactly how much ground our husky covers. He does tend to wander when he is off leash, so the location tracker comes in handy. I would say this is a MUST for anyone that has an escape artist.”

-Melissa & Dingo, CA

Virtual Leash

Link 3 Smart GPS Tracker

The smart dog tracker for smart pet parents, Link 3 is a pet tracking device that tracks your dog’s location, monitors his activity, and connects you with the most important information about your dog — all accessible via an easy-to-use phone application.

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