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Like you, we’re obsessed with our pets

Link is a team of animal lovers and tech experts dedicated to connecting pets with their people.

Who is Link?

As pet parents, we understand wanting to return the unconditional love our furry friends give us every day.

We jumped at the chance to transform pet care and enrichment when we acquired Link in 2019. Knowing that a one-size-fits-all GPS tracking collar wasn’t going to cut it, we harnessed our personal passion for pets, guidance from industry leaders, and feedback from pet lovers across the country to reinvent everything about Link. Link’s products, services and community now comprise a complete ecosystem for pet engagement that fits seamlessly into the life of every pet parent.

Dog Raising Paw

Our Mission

Enhance pet engagement through innovation


Our Promise

Provide an ecosystem that connects pet parents with every aspect of their pet’s wellbeing

Link is a proud member of

American Pet Professionals
Consumer Technology Association
American Pet Products Association
World Pet Association