Stay connected to your pet – with the best pet GPS Tracker available. With Link, you know peace of mind.

Link’s sleek pet GPS tracker, with a user-friendly app and practical accessories are engineered to meet all your pet needs - from location and activity monitoring to safety features and built-in training tools. The all-in-one ecosystem gives pet parents everything they need to stay connected to their pet whether together or apart.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    Track location in real-time with advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular technology. 

  • Places


    Choose areas where your pet is free to roam, set locations you frequent in the app, and get immediate alerts if he wanders.

  • Link Bluetooth Beacon

    Link Bluetooth Beacon

    Create temporary safe places or extend your home safe place with portable Bluetooth beacons. Perfect for large or multi-level homes and on-the-go places. 

  • Exercise Goals

    Exercise Goals

    Customize activity targets for your dog’s age, size, breed and behavior with Link’s patent-pending app algorithm.

  • Activity Monitoring

    Activity Monitoring

    Track moderate and intense daily activity against your customized goals to ensure your pup is getting the exercise they need. 

  • Link Health Powered by Petriage

    Link Health Powered by Petriage

    Use the in-app symptom analysis tool to immediately assess if something’s wrong with your pup and what you need to do plus 24/7 access to live TeleVet services. Built by vets with over 99% accuracy in assessing urgency of seeking care means you have peace of mind around the clock.  

  • Temperature Alerts

    Temperature Alerts

    Get immediate notifications if your dog’s ambient environment gets too hot or cold.

  • PetPass & Health Records

    PetPass & Health Records

    Access identification information and vet records for travel or emergencies, and set convenient appointment reminders.

  • Built-In Training Tools

    Built-In Training Tools

    Encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement with remotely controlled tones and vibrations.

  • Resource Center

    Resource Center

    Browse the Link My Pet YouTube channel & Wanderer blog to find a library of training tutorials and resources for dedicated pet parents. 

  • Adventures


    Capture and share stats and photos from your most epic walks, romps and trips.  

  • Flashlight


    Activate Link’s built-in, remotely-controlled light to help guide late night walks or illuminate your pet’s collar if she gets lost.

  • Link Concierge

    Link Concierge

    Need help with your Link or tracking your lost dog? Want some recommendations on pet-friendly hotels or restaurants? Our exclusive, Florida-based Concierge team is just a phone call away. 

Real-time, In-App Connectivity

Monitor your dog’s location, activity, training & wellness - all in one place - with the Link My Pet app & smart pet ecosystem.

Why Link?

Technical Specifications


The Link device weighs 1.1 oz (about as much as a USB
phone charger) and measures 2.25 in. x 1.4 in. x .8 in.

Battery Life

With some variance based on activity levels and network coverage, Link stays charged up to 14 days. Link features secure, snap-in installation and simple removal for charging, which takes just a few


Link is impact-resistant and water-resistant up to 3 feet with an IPX8 waterproof rating.

Phone Compatibility

Link is compatible with Apple iOS 11.0 or later and Android device 7.0 or later.

Check your Cellular Coverage

Link is currently available in the US and uses the Verizon cellular network to pinpoint your pet’s location. Signal strength varies by region and can be affected by the physical environment surrounding
your pet when he’s outdoors. Check your area’s
signal strength here.

Choose Your Service Plan

Link service plans connect you with your pet’s location, activity data, real-time health management tools and so much more. 

  • 2-Year: $7.75/month $186 billed every 2 years

    SAVE 40%
  • 1-Year: $8.25/month $99 billed annually

    SAVE 36%
  • Monthly: $9.99/month

Plans automatically renew at the end of the plan period unless canceled or a new plan option is chosen. Please note additional taxes may apply according to your state of residence. 

Link and IFTTT

With Link, you know your smart devices and routines are all
working together seamlessly.

Pair Link with IFTTT for an easy, automated way to receive and track your dog’s
activity and events you care about most.