10 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Dog Will Love

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10 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Dog Will Love

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show some extra love to your four-legged best friend. Spoil them rotten with our top picks of treats, toys, and more!

  1. Your dog deserves a brand new bed and you know it! Why not gift them with a plush bed from Zen Den and really make your dog feel special this Valentine's Day. What we love most about these beds is that there is a blanket attached to the top of the bed so dogs are able to paw at it to get comfortable without creating a big mess. The fleece sheet really helps satisfy their inherent bedding urge!
  2. Squeaky Gems by Spunky Pup are the perfect durable, and adorable toy for your dog. With a squeaker inside, the gem-shaped toy bounces in all directions providing hours of entertainment for both of you.
  3. BFF Dog Gift Pack from the American Kennel Club is an all-in-one present. Each pack includes a variety of toys, treats and a snuggle fleece dog blanket personalized with your dog's name!
  4. The LINK AKC Smart Collar is a fashion statement for them and peace of mind for you, as it's the only collar around with everything you need to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy.
  5. A themed dog toy is a must every holiday that comes along, right? Here's a heart-shaped rope toy that's sure to become a new favorite!
  6. Bark Box to the rescue again!! They've created a special 3-months of BarkBox with an extra toy. Some of these toys are a heart-shaped plush box with tennis balls, a toy rose and some squeaky Sweethearts.
  7. Get your pup ready for Spring with a new matching collar and leash duo. The Wild Ones Walk Kits come with a leash, collar, and a waste bag holder in some really great colors like blush and tan.
  8. Looking for a more formal look for your Valentine's day 'gram? This Pet Favorite dog tuxedo is too cute for words!
  9. Pinot Grigio for you Fetch Me Grigio for them! Spoil your dog with this non-alcoholic "wine" for dogs.
  10. If all else fails, pamper your pooch at a local doggie spa or groomer and welcome home a clean, brushed, pleasantly scented pup!

If tangible gifts aren't in your budget this year, that's okay too! Add in an extra walk, doggy playdate or make them a new toy from items laying around your house!

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