15 Reasons We're Thankful For Our Dogs

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15 Reasons We're Thankful For Our Dogs

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for reflection. Even with the ups and downs of every day life, there's always a lot to be grateful for. As you sit around your tables full of loved ones, take a moment to give thanks for the special canine companion in your life who makes every day a little bit brighter.

This Thanksgiving we're thankful for our dogs and here are 15 reasons why:

  1. Around the holidays, many people report feeling lonely when they don't have family around or their nearest and dearest live too far away from them. Dog lovers know they can always count on their pet for the kind of emotional support they're looking for at this time of year.
  2. Dogs listen to your troubles, even when you can't get all the words out.
  3. Speaking of legendary companionship, Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful for our dogs as adventure companions. When human friends are too busy or decline an invite, your trusty dog will happily join, tail wagging with joy.
  4. Your dog is ACTUALLY improving your quality of life! Recent studies show that living with a dog may be improving your physical and mental health.
  5. Instead of a steady stream of selfies, photographing your pup might open up new career paths for you. After all, Instagram never met a dog they didn't love.
  6. Snuggling with your best friend with four legs is the perfect way to end a busy or stressful the day.
  7. Walks, even just around the block, give you time to think and be in the moment. And no one does living in the moment better than our dogs.
  8. We always aim to be the best version of ourselves for our dogs.
  9. Dogs believe in us and they make us believe in ourselves too.
  10. They're protective of the youngest and smallest, and ready to defend their homes and loved ones. Let's face it, big dogs and little kids just melt our hearts.
  11. There's nothing better than a puppy kiss on the cheek.
  12. Dogs are warriors. They serve and protect without expecting anything other than a little praise and love.
  13. Their unconditional love makes every day better.

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to move our focus away from material things and over to the most meaningful parts of our lives. This year, and every year, we're thankful for our dogs. We hope you'll spend a few moments appreciating all of your dog's wonderful qualities and the joy they bring to your life.

Happy Thanksgiving from our pack to yours!

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