Top 10 Dog Fashion Trends to Watch in 2017

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Top 10 Dog Fashion Trends to Watch in 2017

Dog clothes are all the rage for fashionable dogs and their equally fashionable owners. What began as a way to keep shorthaired or shaved dogs warm in colder months has burgeoned become a multi-faceted industry encompassing everything from dog collars to beach wear. That's right, fashionable doggies don't swim without appropriate clothing anymore. We asked Susan Fredricksen from Paw Paws USA for her doggie fashion trends to watch this year. Make sure your furry pal is dressed to keep up with her peers with these must-have dog clothes.

1. Robes & PJs

What do you wear to bed? Snugly flannels or a T-shirt? You're comfy when you hit the sheets for the night, and your dog deserves the same. There are many sleepwear options for your four-legged buddy. Adorable sleep hats, robes they can wear when they snag your morning paper and PJs that will have your neighbors smiling.

2. Hoodies

There's something wonderfully warm and comfortable about hoodies. We've seen hoodies for you with dog ears on the hoods, so you can look like your dog. With a hoodie for your pooch, he can be warm, comfy and completely adorable. Get one in the same color, and you can be twinsies.

3. Denim Jackets & Vests

If you think denim is so 1980s, think again. Denim jackets are vests are making their way into doggie fashion this year, perhaps with fewer embellishments and bling than those worn in the '80s. But these tiny denim fashions are still completely cute on any four-legged pal.

4. Weather Gear

When you go out in the rain and snow, you make sure you've got the right gear to stay dry and warm. Your pooch deserves that same comfort with a wide variety of inclement weather items. Sweaters, jackets and puffer vests keep your furry friend fashionably warm, while rain jackets keep them dry. Plus, all of this trendy weather gear ensures your pooch looks absolutely Vogue worthy on her daily walk through the neighborhood.


5. Costumes

In the dog fashion world, costumes aren't just for Halloween. You can dress your dog up any day of the week. If your daughter feels like wearing her fairy wings to school one day, put them on your dog too. They'll both love it, and it'll make a perfectly charming Facebook or Instagram picture.

6. Accessories

Fashionable dogs need accessories to complete their outfits. Accessories aren't relegated to just collars and leashes either. Well-dressed pups sport party hats, scarves, bow ties, ear bows, kerchiefs and scarves. Be sure to choose accessories to compliment your furrty friend's fur and eye colors.


7. Shirts

Got a hot date or an interview? Your dog can be dressed for success right alongside you with a selection of button-downs, polos and T-shirts. There's a shirt for every occassion.

8. Holiday Dog Clothes

Whether it's Christmas or St. Patrick's Day, use a unique accessory or clothing item to help your dog get in the spirit. And, of course, be sure to celebrate with the perfect Facebook or Instagram snapshot.

9. Beachwear

From swim trunks and bikinis to sun shirts and cover ups, your dog needs to have the right clothes for a day at the shore. If you can, get matching beachwear for yourself and post heart-worthy selfies with your pup.

10. Wedding Wear

Dog lovers often have their beloved companion participate in their big day. Tuxedos and formal dresses in your colors make wedding day photos with your furry friends look amazing. Dogs getting married, and yes they really do, can now have a veil and wedding dress on their big day.

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