4 Heartwarming Dog Stories

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4 Heartwarming Dog Stories

Who doesn't melt over a good love story? And one that involves a slobbery, furry dog...forget about it! From inspiring service dogs, to marriage proposals and weddings, check out some of our favorite heartwarming love stories featuring some pretty special pups.

The Dogist Proposal

Jordan was a big fan of the Instagram account The Dogist and always dreamed that her pup Oakley would be featured on one of the popular photographer's posts. After hearing this her boyfriend Corey devised a plan to make that dream a reality. Not only was he going to get Oakley featured on The Dogist but also propose to Jordan at the same time. With a little planning between the two sides, Jordan and Corey were walking through Central Park and just as they arrived at their favorite bench a new post went live on The Dogist's page. Oakley was shown sporting a sign that read "Jordan, will you marry your roommate?" and after a few brief seconds of disbelief she of course said yes!

Tennis Ball Tribute

Chris Sontag-Ratti of Hayword California decided to honor the two year anniversary of his dog's death by sharing a very special message. The message was to treasure each and every moment with your dog, even something as simple as tossing him a tennis ball. He purchased 100 tennis balls and decided that he would send them to anyone who took him up on the offer. His hope for this small gesture was that anyone who received one of the balls would spend extra quality time with their canine best friend. The response? After getting replies from dog lovers all around the world, Chris needed to figure out how to afford more!

A Wounded Warrior and His Best Man

After Justin Lansford lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2012, he returned home and was paired up with a canine companion named Gabe. Gabe had just recently graduated from the Warrior Canine Connection, a group that enlists recovering warriors with trained service dogs. While Gabe was initially matched with Justin to assist with his mobility, he became much more than a service dog and a special part of Justin's family. When it was time for Justin to marry the love of his life, Carol, he knew that the wedding would not be complete without having Gabe by his side as his best man.

Bestfriend's Bucketlist

After 15-year old Poh was diagnosed with illnesses that would soon end his life, owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez decided to take him on the trip of a lifetime. Traveling a total of seven weeks, they embarked on a journey visiting 35 cities and clocking nearly 12,000 miles. "He loved it, it was so healing for him. It was like he was five years younger. He was walking with a lot of energy", Rodriguez said about Poh's health during their adventure. Poh crossed the rainbow bridge February 12, 2016 but his legacy to "live like Poh" certainly continues on.

These are a few among countless examples of how dogs enrich our lives and make us better by being part of theirs. Share your favorite picture of your best friend on Instagram by using #linkakc for a chance to be featured in our blog!

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