4 Must Have Winter Dog Products

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4 Must Have Winter Dog Products

Winter comfort for your pup is all about staying warm, eating well and being protected from the weather. Keep them cozy and happy during the cold months ahead with these 4 must-have products.

Protective footwear

Daily walks can be dangerous for our dog’s paws in the winter. Along with salt and ice, hazards like antifreeze and other chemicals could be scattered around your usual routes. Your pup may find it odd at first, but getting them comfortable wearing protective footwear will help make your winter treks much safer. Some booties available like PAWZ are thin yet durable and last all season.

What we love:

They're made from all-natural rubber and 100% biodegradable.

Paw Balm

All-natural paw balms are an easy solution for dogs who aren’t big fans of having something on their feet, like booties. They provide a protective layer on your pup’s pads to stop irritation and injury from salt, ice and frozen ground.

What we love: Can also be used in the Summer to protect against steamy pavement.

Well-balanced meals

Cold months usually mean more time spent indoors (on the couch) and it’s important to keep your dog eating healthy during this time of hibernation. Weekly meal subscriptions aren’t just for us anymore. The Farmer’s Dogprovides personalized, balanced meals to keep your pup slim and sharp.

What we love: Uses human-grade USDA ingredients.

Cozy bedding

There’s nothing like a warm, cozy comforter during winter nights and your best friend deserves the same treatment! The innovative thinkers at Zen Den Pets have made an amazing our furry friends. Your dog likes to dig and circle before they find a spot to settle in, right? Well, this dog bag has sewn on anti-pill fabric on top to satisfy this urge.

What we love: The blanket-like material on top of the bed not only helps your dog settle into bed but makes them look absolutely adorable all tucked in for a good night's sleep!

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