5 Adorable Dog Makeovers

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5 Adorable Dog Makeovers

A trip to the grooming salon doesn't have to be routine. With a trendsetting groomer on her side, your dog can join a pup strut with a runway-worthy look. You'll find inspiration from these pawsitively stylish dog before and after shots.

Teddy Bear Charm

From shaggy and scruffy to fashionably fluffy, this pup, groomed by pet stylist Mehmet Gunes, makes us melt. Gunes features videos of his clients getting their good looks on his popular Petstylist Instagram account.

Perfectly Pink

Pint-sized perfection! This petite pup, styled by LA-based groomer Jess Rona, gets a pop of punk-rock pink on her ears to match her adorable tongue-out smile. A bath and groom also brightens up her coat and opens up her eyes. Rona shares mesmerizing slow-motion videos of her coiffed canines on her Jessronagrooming Instagram account.

Senior Chic

Pet photographer Grace Chon created a photo series called "HAIRY", documenting dog haircut before and afters. This 17-year old poodle (bottom) went from weary to "Wow!" with a makeover done in a Japanese style of dog grooming. Her sculpted coif and highlights give her an avant-garde look.

Dapper and Distinguished

Never underestimate the power of a bath, sleek haircut and sophisticated bow tie. We love this gentlemutt's trimmed-up new look from Healthy Spot Grooming Salon in Long Beach, California. He's ready for a night on the town.

Summer Cut

Even our furry friends need to get rid of their winter sweaters and make room for warm weather and sunshine! With this handsome buzz, Cooper the Pomeranian is ready for fun in the sun with his pawrents all season long.

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