5 Incredible Dog Parks Across The U.S.

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5 Incredible Dog Parks Across The U.S.

What turns a good dog park into an awesome one? Since dogs can’t talk, we took it upon ourselves to research some of the most amazing dog parks in America to find out what they’re doing right. The following results were collected from an unofficial poll based on licks, wags, and extra bouncy jumps.

1. Beau’s Dream Dog Park

Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is more amusement park than grassy field. Designed by a local contest winner with big dreams, this place has rolling hills, “roller coaster bridges,” dog-shaped tunnels, and some seriously spectacular water features like a gentle flower shower. Ahhhhh. Life is good for Pennsylvanian pooches.

2. Dog Wood Park

Located in Jacksonville, Florida Dog Wood Park has a lot to offer your would-be olym-peein’s. The gorgeous green space boasts 42 acres of roaming room, night lighting for after-work playtime, 10 acres of nature trails, AND Lake Bow Wow where your furry Phelps is welcome to swim his heart out. As if that wasn’t enough, this puppy paradise also has multiple agility courses AND offers classes for any novice competitors.

3. Washington Park

Washington Park in Ohio is the perfect place for hounds that love to hike. Its synthetic canine turf and “pea gravel” keep the whole park smelling fresh while its large granite boulders offer brave dogs a chance to see the world (or a few feet further than usual).

4. Bea Arthur Dog Park

Not all dogs are interested in athletics. Some senior friends enjoy being outside without all the commotion. Appropriately named for the hilarious Golden Girls star and dog lover, Bea Arthur Dog Park in Norfolk Virginia has something for everyone. Nestled on the beautiful Elizabeth River, four-legged visitors can explore the enclosed lawn, cool down in the water station, borrow a toy, or wade in a slow-moving section of the river. And for dogs in their golden years, the enclosed shady picnic area can’t be beat!

5. Pilgrim Bark Park

Sophisticated dogs will feel right at home at Pilgrim Bark Park in beautiful Provincetown, Massachusetts. Nestled at the tip of Cape Cod—the original landing place of the Mayflower—Pilgrim Bark Park exists peacefully within a town that is now famous for its LGBT-friendly, world-class art scene. Within its grounds, your manicured mutt can pose for photos near lovely installments that were donated by local artists. With whale tails sprouting from the ground, bone-shaped climbing equipment, and a giant doghouse with scalloped siding, your artsy little friend has never peed on anything so chic!

Do you have an incredible dog park that we’ve missed? Share your favorites with us!

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