5 Ways To Remove Your Dog's Stress When Moving

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5 Ways To Remove Your Dog's Stress When Moving

Moving is always stressful, and not just for us...it’s tough on our dogs too. The initial house hunt, the packing, cleaning and actually removing yourself from somewhere you once lived...it’s a challenging process.

Now, imagine watching all that unfold but not having the ability to reason and understand why. Unfortunately, this is what your pup endures during a move. During the chaos however, there are steps you can take, including some home remedies, to lessen the anxiety they may feel and make the transition as smooth as possible.

The best thing you can do for them is stay calm and have a plan in place before the big day:

Comfort Zone

If your dog’s crate hasn’t become their happy place yet, this is a great opportunity to make sure that happens. It's important they have a space that brings them comfort and makes them feel safe and secure during a move or any other stressful situation.

Box Them Out

Does a suitcase being pulled out of the closet send your pup into a panting panic? Them seeing 53 boxes with things hanging out of them will cause that same reaction but probably worse. Make an effort to isolate them to a certain part of your home (with their crate, bed, toys, etc.) so that they aren’t exposed to, what they perceive as, you leaving them.

Stay Active

Now is not the time to skimp out on walks, runs, games of fetch or anything that helps keep your dog’s energy levels down. They’ll be less likely to engage in destructive behavior and more willing to listen should you need them to throughout the move. Our smart collar is a reliable way to make sure they are receiving the right amount of exercise and to help you hold yourself accountable every day to hit their goal.

Smells Familiar

While you’re prepping to make your move you might be tempted to run everything through the washer and dryer one last time, but stop at your dog’s items. Having familiar smells among all the new ones they are about to encounter will help them adjust and feel at ease in their new surroundings.

Favors for Fido

As we all know, one great benefit of being a pet parent is meeting like-minded individuals and making friends who understand your pawrent lifestyle. If you know you’re going to be painting on Saturday, ask a friend to watch Fido for the day! There’s no shame in reaching out for help, especially when you know it’s to your pup’s benefit. Do you usually walk with a neighbor around the block in the morning? See if they’re able to take your dog too and knock out some cleaning or organizing while you have some alone time!

Being conscious of what your pup might be experiencing while you prep for a move is a great first step in helping them through it. Along with the steps we've outlined above, try to keep their routine as consistent as possible before and after you have moved into your new place. And remember our canine companions pick up on what we're feeling, like a sixth sense, so as their pack leader stay calm and collected when they're around to set the example.

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