6 Common Dog Behaviors That Seem Weird

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6 Common Dog Behaviors That Seem Weird

#1- Spinning Around in Circles

Most pet parents are familiar with their dog spinning around in circles. Whether it’s during playtime when they give a little twirl, before they lie down on a soft blanket, or even when you come home from work, dogs seem to love spinning around.

Spinning is one of the really common dog behaviors, even if it is a little strange. The only time this behavior is a cause for concern is if it suddenly becomes excessive. Older dogs can get ear or cognitive problems, which can cause this behavior.

#2 – Chasing His Tail

Just like spinning, this is a normal and natural behavior. Usually it means that your pup is really playful and excited. It’s a silly, fun game that many puppies play, so in general, it’s totally normally and not a cause for concern.

However, if you notice that your dog isn’t chasing his tail playfully, but seems to be really intent on catching it, it could be a sign of anxiety, which can affect some dogs. If you see your dog chasing his tail because he wants to bite it, this could also be a sign of a skin irritation.

#3 – Eating Poop

It’s really gross to find your dog eating poop, but despite how disgusting it is, it’s quite common. The technical term for this behavior is coprophagia, which has a nicer ring to it than “eating poop.” Despite how gross it is, it doesn’t seem to be an indication of any health or mental issue.

Many theories abound as to why dogs partake in this odd behavior, but there is no one consensus. However, if you see your dog doing it, the best thing you can do is train him not to. There is no real benefit to the behavior, so stopping it is a healthy, reasonable choice.

#4 – Butt Sniffing

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about butt sniffing. Every single dog does this, and if you’ve ever been around a group of new dogs meeting each other, you’ve certainly seen this common behavior. Most people know that this is a “get to know you” move.

Dogs can learn an incredible about of information by sniffing another dog’s butt, including gender, temperament, diet, and a lot more. Some dogs sniff more than others, like Beagles, who are strongly guided by their noses. There’s no reason to stop this behavior, and it’s not a sign of anything amiss.

#5 - Sitting Between Your Feet

Many medium to large dogs like to sit right in between their parents’ legs. It can be an uncomfortable and awkward position for the pet parent, but is it a sign of anything wrong?

In general, a dog sitting in between someone’s legs is simply a sign of affection. Sometimes, this behavior indicates that the dog is not very confident or is scared of something. It’s a healthy, positive coping mechanism, and there’s no need to change it.

#6 - Head Tilt

It’s probably one of the cutest things a pup can do. You say something in a certain voice and your dog perks up his ears and tilts his head. The more extreme the head tilt, the cuter it seems to be. But, why does your dog do this?

This is a very common behavior, and while there is no consensus on exactly why dogs do it, the general belief is that it helps them hear better. The only time it is a sign of a problem is if your dog keeps their head in that position for a long time, which could be an indication of an ear infection.

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