7 Doggie Dates That Won't Break The Bank

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7 Doggie Dates That Won't Break The Bank

Yes, we know you have found your soul-mate. He or she greets you every day when you come home, never complains (too much), and acknowledges you for being the absolute best person who has ever lived.

Let's face it, nothing beats the love of your dog.

However, there might (we say, 'might') come a time when you are looking for the companionship of the two-legged variety. When you meet that person, you will inevitably fall into the world of 'dating.'

Dating can be tough, but it’s something we all have to go through in order to find that special somebody. However, who said you have to navigate the dating scene all alone?

How about taking along your best friend? Besides, how else can you get a reliable opinion about your date?

When planning the perfect date, let your faithful pup be your guide. You'll see there’s plenty of excursions for the three of you.

  1. Your local dog park. Of course, you knew we were going to say this, but honestly, what better place to get to learn about your date? It's cheap, open, and you get to learn how honest your date was when they checked 'loves dogs' on their dating profile.
  2. Your kitchen. Nothing says you have to go out, you could hang out at home. Why not bake some homemade doggie treats for your best friend? You not only get to hang with your pup, but you also get to see if your date is handy in the kitchen. We guarantee your dog will approve of this date!
  3. Shopping at your local pet supply shop. Most pet supply places allow you to bring your dog inside the store, leashed of course. Set up a shopping date and cruise the aisles. Much like shopping for kids, you'll learn who is the most pragmatic!
  4. Go for a drive. We all can agree, the cutest sight is when you see a pup with his head hanging out the car window and gulping air, ears flying in the wind. Take a drive with your date and your pup! You should probably let your date sit shotgun but make sure to prep the backseat for your dog to safely ride in.
  5. Bring a whole new vibe to the "just coffee" date by bringing your dog along. Many cafes allow dogs inside, and they almost never have a problem if you talk and sip in an outside eating area.
  6. For simplicity and ease, you can always go for a walk in the park or at the beach. This is a pretty common date until you introduce your dog to it. They always have a way of livening things up!
  7. Grab your favorite camera or phone, and hold an impromptu photo shoot! The best part of this is it can be done during any time of the year. If you do it at home, you'll be able to live out your dream of being a wardrobe manager. Besides, you were never really going to wear your old prom dress again anyway!

This is only a sample of the things you can do on your doggie double-date, use it for inspiration. If you look around your neighborhood you're sure to find other activities.

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