7 Fun Things To Do On Labor Day With Your Dog

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7 Fun Things To Do On Labor Day With Your Dog

Labor Day is coming up, and many people get a long weekend off to spend time with their family, including their pets. It’s summer’s last big weekend, so take the time to include your dog in your special plans. Here are 7 fun things to do on Labor Day weekend with your dog.

1. Host a Dog Party

Instead of a traditional Labor Day BBQ, consider hosting a dog party, provided you have a fenced-in yard. Invite your neighbors and friends with well-behaved dogs, and let the dogs run and play fetch with Frisbees and footballs, making sure there is plenty of cool water and shade when they get tired. Serve the Labor Day party staple: grilled hot dogs, and both the dogs and your guests will be happy!

2. Visit a Dog-Friendly Beach

Take your dog to a dog-friendly beach this Labor Day. Make sure you know the rules of your local beach about the hours they allow dogs and if you need a permit. Beyond that, your furry friend will love rolling in the sand and swimming in the water. If your pet loves the water, try taking him out in a canoe on the water as well. Just remember to bring the appropriate gear, such as a doggy life vest, his water bowl, and lots of toys.

3. Go Hiking

Hiking is an easy and inexpensive way to spend time with your dog over the Labor Day weekend. Dogs love to hike and explore just as much as you do. Choose a trail that’s equal to your dog’s size and stamina so he can keep the pace without overtiring in the heat. Remember to bring your dog’s leash and some water for you both.

4. Go Camping

The end of summer is the perfect time for one final camping trip with your canine best friend. Most state and regional parks allow dogs on their campsites, but you’ll want to double check. Camping allows you and your dog to experience a special adventure as you see new sights, sleep in the same tent, and smell the beauty of Mother Nature. Remember, you’ll have to keep a close on your furry friend though, and never let him out of your sight.

5. Go on a Road Trip

Go on a three-day vacation. Nowadays, there are plenty of dog-friendly inns and hotels. Some of these inns and hotels even include a doggy bed, meals, treats, and doggy spa services. That means if you want to relax and be pampered for the weekend, your dog can too.

6. Attend a Baseball Game

Take your dog to a baseball game. Many major and minor league baseball teams feature “bark at the park,” events in the summer. Often, part of the proceeds of these games help a local rescue like the Humane Society. Check with your local team to see if they offer these events.

7. Enjoy an Outdoor Movie

Continue a fun-filled day into the evening by taking your dog to a drive-in movie theater. Choose a movie carefully so it won’t disturb your dog. Think about a dog flick or fun comedy. Don’t feed your dog movie snacks like popcorn. Instead, pack dog appropriate snacks or even bring some homemade frozen treats for all of you if it’s a warm night.

These are just a few ideas for celebrating Labor Day with your dog. However you decide to spend it, have fun, and be safe.

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