7 Things We Are Into Right Now at Link

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7 Things We Are Into Right Now at Link
While we feel like the world is somehow on pause, it hasn't stopped us from shopping online. So we thought we would share some things we are into right now. Dog related and dog unrelated. For the coffee drinking people or the plant lady in your life. For the game enthusiast to your virtual workout buddy. We enjoy all of these things very much and hope you do, too!

If you are looking for a gift to send to your friends who you might not be able to see right now (or maybe you can see them and hand over the gift in person) - we got you!

7 Things We Are Into Right Now

1. We have been obsessing over Wild One ever since their cute ads popped up everywhere. If you are looking for adorable, stylish, all pet related things, this is your store. Cute gift idea also for new fur parents!

2. There's almost nothing worse than noticing too late that you are running out of coffee beans - especially when that mid-day low hits ya in your face and you desperately need some caffeine. Reveille makes it so easy for you to order from different coffee business and try different blends. Cheers!

3. Bala was founded in 2018 by a couple and is based in LA. Their weights are stylish and cute. Definitely not your 80s weights that some gyms still cary and therefore perfect for walking your dog with style.

4. We love an urban indoor jungle! And if you don't have to leave your home to get new plants - even better! Natty Garden has everything you need to make each space in your home a bit greener. Adding new greenery has never been this easy and it also makes a cute gift idea.

5. Letterfolk is one of these brands that you just have to love. They are a small biz from Arizona that love to create products inspired by simpler times. Their letter board has become a staple for every Instagrammable space and their tile mat can be customized. Ours says 'Who let the dogs out?' - because duh!

6. Perfecting your cooking skills is just much more fun when you have cute looking equipment. Founded by two childhood friends in NY Great Jones is our go to place for modern but functional cooking equipment. Pancakes anyone?

7. We're Not Really Strangers is a card game and movement designed for thought provoking questions. After this game you will notice that your existing relationships are much deeper and you learn so much more about whoever you decide to play this game with. Because in the end, we're not really strangers!

Happy shopping!

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