9 Easy Ways to Cheer up a Dog with the Winter Blues

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9 Easy Ways to Cheer up a Dog with the Winter Blues

Winter days are shorter, and the weather can be ruff. But don't let winter woes dampen the fun you can have with your dog. Here are 9 easy ways to cheer up a pup who may be missing his summertime scene.

Whip up a special treat. We all enjoy a special treat (or two) during the holidays so why not give your pup the same pleasure? This great frozen dog treat recipe is fast to make and healthier than store-bought options.

Play in the snow. Try building a mini snowman with kibble for buttons! Let your snow-pup have fun tackling your creation and sniffing out his treats. It's snow problem at all to enjoy the outdoors but read up on cold weather tips and be aware of potential winter hazards before heading outside. Bonus tip: The Link Smart Pet Wearable will let you know if your dog is in an environment that's too cold. If you get the push notification temperature alert, simply head inside for a little break! 

Brighten your evening stroll. Although the earlier sunset means evening walks are dark, it's safe to head out for a walk after dinner when your pup's wearing a Link Smart Pet Wearable with a built-in LED light for high visibility.

Make training fun. If the weather has you spending playtime indoors, spend 10 minutes playing targeting games, activities geared toward training your dog to connect with an object.

Cozy up for belly rubs and back scratches. As you snuggle on the couch to enjoy the fire and listen to holiday tunes, cuddle your furry friend. Need we say more?

Dress up his dinner. Add a dollop of canned pumpkin or shredded carrots for a healthy and tasty surprise. Read up on which table foods are okay for dogs before you plan out his delectable dinner.

Offer something to chew on. If you're headed out to another holiday party, give your dog a new, safe chew toy to help them stay out of trouble while you're gone.

Go for a ride. If your dog loves car rides, bring her along if you're going out to drive around and look at the seasonal light show. Afterward, head to a coffee drive-through and see if they have a little treat for your canine sidekick.

Turn on some classical tunes. Studies show classical music is soothing to dogs, so mix up your background music and add Bach to your holiday playlist.

At the end of the day, we all know what cabin fever feels like and our best friends aren't immune to it. So no matter how you do it, make sure you spend extra time this winter with your pup to keep them merry and bright!

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