A New Leash On Life

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A New Leash On Life

What could be better than switching up your pup's style up for fall? There is so much to do in the fall, from hiking to roadtripping. Why not tackle these adventures with a brand new leash? Whether you’re looking for a training leash, a comfortable grip, or a fashion statement, we’ve rounded up our favorites for you.

If you’re in the market for a training leash, look no further than the PetsLover 6ft Leash ($16.99).


It’s made of nylon, and will surely become one of your favorites in no time. While this version is a double layer, they also sell a single layered version as well. It is sturdy but also comfortable enough to wrap around your hand while walking. It comes in a variety of different colors too! Why we love it: It's double layered making it twice as tough compared to many other leashes out there but still lightweight and has a comfortable handle.

For a mix of fashion and comfort, we love these leashes by Washashore Store (various prices).


They are made from upcycled marine ropes. Each leash comes with its own tag noting the place and date where the rope was found. The ropes are cleaned, dyed, and turned into amazing leashes. They come in all different sizes, colors, and textures! Also, we are excited to offer you an exclusive coupon code for 25% any order on their site. Just use code: LINKAKC. Why we love it: Each collar is one of a kind and completely unique. Not only are you buying a new leash for your dog, but also helping support beach cleanups. We also can’t help but love when we get a special deal just for members of our pack!

Caramel Pebble Leather Adjustable Leash by Love Thy Beast ($98).

This genuine soft pebble leather leash is made right here in the USA. It comes in 3 sizes: Small (½” thick) Medium (¾” thick), and Large (1” thick). Why we love it: Other than the fact that it pairs beautifully with our Classic LINK Collar, it is adjustable from 3-5 feet long and is absolutely gorgeous!


Does your dog tend to walk YOU? Leashboss Original ($27.98) is the perfect leash if you have a dog that pulls. The padded material on this lease helps prevent leash burn and won’t dig into your hands. There are two handles that you can use together or one at a time. Why we love it: The paddle handle on this leash makes walking a breeze. It is awesome that there are two handles that you can choose to use during your walk. There also a 5 year manufacturer warranty that even covers chewed up leashes!


Last but not LEASH, everyone loves a classic. This L.L. Bean ($24.95) pet leash can be personalized with any name or saying you’d like. Why we love it: You can personalize this leash up to 35 characters. This is great if you have more than one dog and want to add their name or nickname onto their leash.


As you begin to embark on your brisk walks share your adventures with us and how off your pup's new look!

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