All American Pet Photo Day - All American Pups

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All American Pet Photo Day - All American Pups

Brutus and Lexi

Hailing all the way from Texas Dana More shows off her adorable her all American beauties Brutus and Lexie.



Jack Dickinson-Hoffecker

Kaitlyn and Charles share their cute adoptie loves long walkies on the beach (but refuses to get in the water), ice cream and naps. He also has an extra wiggly tail that makes his whole body shake.


Petey Paul

Veronica Salazar Tovar's hound dog shows off his boss status by taking a seat at the people's table.



K.C. knows how to keep it cool at the beach, Lauren Thibodeau's fur child is sporting this summer's hottest fashion with some killer shades and beach shoes to match.


Sky Lu

"Oh say can you see" Sky rocking out for America! This Siberian Husky loves balls, hide and seek and long car rides! Sky is a pup with a refined palette some of his favorites are sweet potatoes roast pork and Ox tail.



Ally Driscoll's pup knows how to stay as comfy as a bug in a rug, here he is snuggling up with a big soft throw blanket.


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