Are you ready for a second dog?

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Are you ready for a second dog?

Do those sad puppy eyes slay you every time you leave your dog home alone? Can you imagine how much fun it would be to take two dogs to the dog park on a sunny Saturday? Is someone in your family begging plaintively for a new dog to love? If so, it could be time to add a second dog to your family, assuming you've got three things already squared away.

All is Well With Numero Uno

Before you get serious about getting another pup, be certain that your first dog is happy, healthy and well adjusted.

  1. Your feeding, exercise and check-up routines should be consistent and as smooth as silk.
  2. Important training milestones should be met and basic commands should be second nature.
  3. Be sure that your first dog is sociable enough to enjoy the company of a second dog, otherwise you could inadvertently be causing your beloved companion a lot of stress.


Your Household is Prepped and Excited

You'll never be able to resist bringing a new pal home if your first move is to "just go look" at a puppy. So, first:

  1. Make sure everyone in your family is excited about the prospect of a new, furry addition to the family.
  2. Do a financial reality check to ensure that your budget can accommodate all the associated essentials, goodies and gear before signing the papers and bringing her home.

Time and Space are Plentiful

Bringing home a second dog requires more of your time and more space at home and in your car.

  1. Be realistic about your schedule. Does it allow for training your new pup?
  2. Take stock of the space in your home and car. Can you comfortably and safely accommodate another furry companion?

Once you're sure it's the right time for a second dog, ask your vet or favorite trainer about the best ways to introduce and welcome a new dog into the family. And then, let double the fun begin!

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