Become a Better Pet Photographer with These Six Tips

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Become a Better Pet Photographer with These Six Tips

You know your dog is the most handsome canine on planet earth, but how do you prove it to the world? With today’s smartphone technology, taking fantastic pet photos is a snap. Here are some pro tips on how to get the perfect holiday shot of your perfect pet.

Set the scene

Go outside. The best lighting for photography is on a sunny day out of direct sunlight. Smartphones have great cameras, but they perform best in good lighting. Since dogs aren’t so great at holding still, sunshine can make a huge difference in the processing speed of your phone. Try posing your pup under a tree, or next to a wall with a little natural shade. Flash is not recommended for dogs since it can scare them and/or give them creepy demon eyes (not so cute).

Please feed the models

It may sound obvious, but a well-placed treat can focus your dog’s eyes right where you want them. This trick is especially helpful for multi-dog shots like this one here. Grab an assistant and some chicken and you’ll be well on your way to Instagram stardom in no time.

Learn the rule of thirds

Remember the rule of thirds when taking photos. The rule of thirds is a photography technique in which you divide your image using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Basically the rule of thirds is all about keeping the subject slightly off center in the frame. Nothing is more boring that a photo with the subject smack square in the center. If you’re using an iPhone, take advantage of the grid setting and use it to align your dog’s face with one of the middle focal points. Offsetting a focal point helps create a more interesting image.

Burst mode is your bestie

If your pet is a fidgety little guy, burst mode is your best friend. Most smartphones have this setting, which allows you to capture a rapid series of photographs in one easy shot. The end result is a gem like this, instead of a bunch of blurry hair.

Take a video, then get this app

Okay, you tried the burst and it just didn’t work. When your wriggly dog refuses to pose, there is still another option. This app, Perfect Pic, lets you turn your videos into still frame photos. Scroll through each frame of your video and save your favorite shots to you camera roll. This technique is infinitely easier than trying to screenshot that perfect moment. You can also try Lively. This app does the same thing but also lets you make live photos if your phone has the capabilities to do so.

Learn some easy edits

You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert! Simple Instagram filters and edits can transform a photo into something special. Use your favorite filters and tools to add drama and color to your best photos while bringing contrast to areas of the photo that your phone couldn’t capture. You may also want to re-crop the image to take advantage of the rule of thirds. Improve a blurry photo using Instagram’s “edits” using the app’s sharpen or structure features. If you’re already an Insta edit pro, you can try upgrading to a more advanced photo app that lets you do even more. Try the SnapSeed app to up your pup game.

Are these tips working for you? We’d love to see the results! Tag @linkakc in your Instagram or Facebook photos for a chance to be featured on our social channels.

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