Beerscuits to Bark Mitzvahs: 5 Dog Friendly Cities

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Beerscuits to Bark Mitzvahs: 5 Dog Friendly Cities

Do you love exploring new places with your pup? We do, and the LINK AKC Smart Collar's adventures feature makes it easy to capture your adventures. The app feature includes a map and time-stamped photos taken during your travels. And there's unlimited digital photo storage included. Ready for your next adventure? To get you started, we've compiled a tail-wag worthy list of five dog friendly cities across the U.S., with help from Erin Ballinger, editor for, the Internet's largest directory of dog friendly destinations.

1. Savannah, Georgia

J. Christopher's restaurant is an especially popular brunch spot. It's worth the wait for a doggie menu with scrambled eggs, potatoes and meat dishes.

Bruster's Ice Cream, a walk-up chain, offers free doggie sundaes to enjoy as you stroll the shady avenues of this historic Southern city.

2. Morristown, New Jersey

Kosher-style Morristown Deli is "super dog friendly" according to Ballinger. Their outdoor dog cafe features doggie booster seats, high chairs and a special dog menu. They even offer event planning for a bark mitzvah.

Morristown also has The Traction Line Recreation Trail, a former railway, and the tranquil Loantaka Brook Reservation, for unique recreation areas to walk leashed dogs.

3. Hot Springs, Arkansas

While each national park has different rules, they're great for amazing adventures. Dogs are welcome on all paths at Hot Springs National Park. After your rambles, stop by Frosty Treat for a fruity "pupsicle" for Fido.

4. Denver, Colorado

The Watering Bowl, is "half dog park, half bar" says Ballinger. "They also host dog birthday parties, bark mitzvahs and dog weddings." While you sip craft beer your pooch can frolic in a large, fully fenced-in park.

Denver Beer Co is a dog friendly brewery and beer garden. While you sample what's on tap indoors, your leashed dog can sample "dog beerscuit" treats.


5. Richmond, California

Richmond is home to Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, the largest public off-leash dog park in the U.S. The park's Sit & Stay Cafe has both puppy and human food Ballinger says. After playtime, Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub is just next door.

We hope you'll share your adventures with us as you seek out your own favorite dog friendly city this summer.

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