Best Dog Training Collars: 4 Must Have Features

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Best Dog Training Collars: 4 Must Have Features

Training your four-legged friend is a challenge whether you're dealing with a new puppy, rescue dog or an older pooch that needs to learn a few new tricks. It's also a necessary and rewarding part of dog ownership, and it's easier if you have a collar that supports your training goals. How do you find the best dog training collar? Here are four things to help you choose:

1. Channel the power of positive reinforcement.

Sound is a powerful and proven tool to let your dog know he's done something right. Tone of voice can vary in consistency, so a standard sound works better to let Fido know each time he's mastered a specific command, and it's a lot less caloric than a bag of treats. The LINK AKC Smart Collar has sound built right into the collar that you can control remotely from a dedicated app for a smart and streamlined training experience.

2. Keep comfort in mind.

An uncomfortable dog won't be able to concentrate on heeling if his collar's too tight. Make sure your collar is properly fitted for your dog's size. With flat collars, follow the "two-finger" rule. You should be able to fit two of your fingers snugly underneath your pup's collar. Check sizing guides and get out the measuring tape before ordering a collar online. When in doubt, check with your vet or a certified trainer to make sure a collar fits as it should.

3. Seek out smart safety perks.

Practicing skills in various types of weather, environments and times of day is important for your dog's skill mastery. A collar that lights up, such as the LINK AKC Smart Collar with LED light, allows your to train safely at night. Get added assurance with smart technology like GPS monitoring built right into the collar, also one of the LINK AKC Smart Collar's features. You'll have peace of mind if your dog decides to ignore the "come" command even one time. Even perfect students slip up now and again.

4. Look for lasting quality.

The best dog training collars are the ones that last, so choose one in a durable material like leather so it can stand up to your dog's daily activities, both indoors and out. Even better, get one backed by a warranty to protect against defects. You'll never regret investing in quality, especially when it comes to your best friend.

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