California Dreaming: The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

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California Dreaming: The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

When your doggy sleeps with paws twitching, they may be dreaming of freely running and playing on beaches where they're allowed. California is home to many dog-friendly beaches, some allowing off-leash cavorting. Count on the LINK AKC Smart Collar with its advanced GPS tracking to keep watch on your best buddy while he explores the beach.

With assistance from Doug Colbeck, Editor of, we've compiled a shortlist of great CA beaches, many of which are frequented by a community of dog-loving locals.

Coronado Dog Run Beach

One of Colbeck's favorite beaches that allows dogs is near the famous Hotel del Coronado resort. Coronado Dog Run Beach gives dogs off-leash play on a spectacular beach close to eclectic restaurants and shops.

Huntington Dog Beach

Location, location, location. Huntington Dog Beach is a wide, sandy beach in the heart of Orange County. It's on the Coast Highway between Seapoint Avenue and 21st Street. Locals are extremely dog friendly, and the dedicated parking lot is a plus.


Rosie's Dog Beach

Dogs dreaming of unfettered room to roam find what they're craving at Rosie's Dog Beach. It's the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County and is frequented by community regulars.

Toro Creek Beach

Toro Creek Beach wedges between Morro Bay and Cayucos, CA. It's a miracle mile for canines, the sandy beach allows your dog to wander leash-free while you take photos of Morro Rock to the south.

Ocean Beach

Near Golden Gate Park on San Francisco's Ocean Beach, urban dogs run on flat sand and splash in blue waves. Let your pups frolic off-leash safely while you build a bonfire on the wide beachfront and watch the sun sink into the Pacific.

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