Canine Clicker Training? There's an App For That!

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Canine Clicker Training? There's an App For That!

Training your dog to recognize a specific sound as a signal he's done something wonderful is the first step in starting a successful clicker training program. In addition to receiving data about your dog's location and physical condition, the LINK Smart Collar app includes a feature that activates a soft tone emitted from within the collar. Link employees suggest this tone can be easily incorporated into clicker training, whether you are teaching basic obedience to a puppy or doing higher level training and distance work with your dog.

Clicker Training Fast Facts:

  1. Karen Pryor trainer, Ken Ramirez, says clicker training begins with the most basic premise of positive reinforcement training; praise and reward for desired behaviors.
  2. The first step in the process is to establish a mutually recognized signal which your dog interprets as "I'm doing the right thing, and I am going to be rewarded for it."
  3. Delivering the signal, or marker, consistently is a keystone of successful clicker training.
  4. Crucial to the process is the trainer's ability to mark a desired behavior the moment it occurs. This part in the process is called capturing behavior.
  5. Clicker training can be started with a dog of any age. However, Ken Ramirez suggests taking the time to observe how a foster or an adoptee with an unknown history reacts to different sounds and build on what the dog finds pleasant.
  6. Capturing a desired behavior is fun and the first step in clicker training. If you'd like to learn more, visit the Karen Pryor Clicker Training website as the acknowledged expert. Then outfit your pup with the stylishly functional LINK Smart Collar and map out your clicker training program.

Photo credit: Chelsea Camper via MyDogsAreSpoiled

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