Changing Seasons: 5 Ways To Prep Your Pup

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Changing Seasons: 5 Ways To Prep Your Pup

Those long anticipated sunny days and warmer weather are here. Spring is in the air! We can finally emerge from hibernation and begin to prepare ourselves for Summer. It’s also that time of year where our pups need some extra care and attention to get them ready.

Don’t wait until you see fleas and ticks: Once you start to see temperatures hitting the 70's, those annoying little biting insects like mosquitoes start to appear and multiply. Don’t wait until you see this happening, take preventative steps to protect your dog from this summer scourge. There are lots of options for flea and tick prevention, from repellent collars to medication. You can also use the LINK Smart Collar to set ambient temperature alerts to know when it's time to start thinking about prevention.

The Summer threat of Lyme disease: There are certain parts of the country where Lyme disease is prevalent. Dr. Kelly Grisham, Medical Director of the Greenville Humane Society in Greenville, South Carolina talked to us last year and gave great insight on how to recognize the signs of this disease and advice for protecting you and your dog from this debilitating and potentially fatal disease.

Heartworm prevention: Unless you’re living in Alaska or other cold parts of the country, your dog should be taking heartworm prevention medicine monthly. You can use the LINK Smart Collar app to keep vet records and prescription information saved so you always have your pup's schedule on hand.

Don't do too much, too soon: We’ve all been there, that first wonderfully warm weekend where we believe we need to pack several months of activity in a two-day weekend. Clearing out the winter cobwebs we call it. It’s tempting to go for a long hike or play an extended version of fetch. However you decide to shake off the winter rust – don’t overdo it. Remember, Spring and Summer is a marathon, not a sprint. We promise there will be lots of opportunities to spend time outdoors in the sun with your best friend. We recommend you build up slowly, no one wants to end up at the vet with sprained muscles or other injuries.

Hazardous materials: Spring is an especially dangerous time for our pets. Lots of people, ourselves included, are clearing their yards or prepping gardens for warmer weather. Watch you don’t leave hazardous materials like plant food or weed killer lying around and keep your dog away from piles of flowers/weeds/clippings someone may have left near the sidewalk.

There’s nothing like that first long walk of Spring along your favorite trail. It’s invigorating. Just make sure to take our 5 simple steps to make sure you and your pup are prepared. And as always, share your adventures with us on Instagram using #linkakc.

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