Cool Ways to Name Your Puppy

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Cool Ways to Name Your Puppy

Welcoming a new furry friend into your home comes with its challenges, but one of the most fun to tackle is deciding what to call your pup.

In the past, many were perfectly satisfied pulling from a compact list of well-used favorites like Rover, Fido or Spot. These days, we're all about customizing our lives, and that includes the family pet.

Beyond the loose rules of dog naming, the options are practically endless for finding inspiration. Are you traditional? Trendy? Obsessed with Hollywood? Here are three inspirational ways to sniff out cool dog names.

Run with the Pack (or Ask Alexa)

If you're interested in an on-trend choice, there are always favorites flaunting a classic style without sounding dull. For females, cute names Bella, Lucy, Daisy and Molly top the list, while popular males have been given such sturdy, best pal monikers as Max, Charlie, Buddy, Cooper and Jack. If you have an Amazon Alexa, you can even ask her to help you choose your dog's name (skill through

Make a Nod to a Big-Name Canine

Just as A-listers' children have influenced mainstream baby naming, the same can be said of their pets. Check out the names of your favorite celebrities pets. There are some pretty fun options like Lady Gaga's Frenchie, Asia or comedienne Chelsea Handler's Chow mix, Chunk. Perhaps endearing choices such as actress Jane Lynch's Lhasa Apso, Olivia or actor Jon Hamm's Shepherd mix, Cora can win your heart.

Think with Your Stomach

Why not name your pup after a food or drink? A dog with a sweet disposition may beg to be called Sugar, Brownie or Shortcake. Does she have a feisty attitude? Maybe she's a Nacho, a Pepper or a Gumbo. Is she aloof and elegant? Could be a candidate for champagne or Martini.

Whatever you pick is likely to say as much about your personal taste as your dog's personality. Take your time and settle on one you love. You want your dog to have a name as cool, unique and incredible as she is.

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