Dig Another Look? Introducing the LINK Sport Collar.

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Dig Another Look? Introducing the LINK Sport Collar.

This week we’re excited to introduce the LINK Sport Collar, the same incredible technology, just a new way to wear it. We started shipping our first smart dog collar, the LINK Classic just over a year ago. Since then thousands of dog owners have joined our pack. If you’re one of them, thank you for being one of our first customers, we’re delighted you’re part of our community of dog lovers. If you’re reading this and haven’t joined the pack yet, see some of our pack members who enjoy using LINK to make their lives as dog owners easier.

Why did we introduce a new look for LINK? The answer is simple, we're like you, we love our dogs. We want our dogs to look great no matter what they’re doing. We know that style and fashion is a very personal experience and having more style choices like the LINK Sport is a great complement to our first smart collar, the LINK Classic. Similar to the classic leather look, the LINK Sport is a flexible and comfortable fit on dogs of all sizes. The difference is it comes with a woven-nylon quick release collar and the LINK tracking device is attached to the collar in a reflective sleeve to help dogs be better seen in dark conditions.

We’ve had a lot of fun since we shipped our first LINK Classic collar in March of last year. We’ve been honored with some great industry recognition along the way but nothing is more satisfying to us than our customers sharing their stories of how using LINK has helped strengthen their bond with their best friend. Alongside launching the LINK Sport we’re continuing to improve the LINK app with faster location tracking and enhanced battery life. We are also the first connected smart collar skill for Amazon Echo. This is another way to interact with your dog's smart collar. Dog owners can use Alexa to access activity insights gathered from the LINK AKC smart collar.

For the month of April we’re offering a special launch deal of $30 off the LINK Classic or LINK Sport so buy yours today!

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