Dog Friendly Home Design With Fido in Mind

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Dog Friendly Home Design With Fido in Mind

Dogs make a house a home, but how dog friendly is your home? From built-in feeding stations to dog beds under stairs, custom features can make your home more organized, stylish and fun for Fido.

If you're moving or renovating your home, consider these dog-friendly design features, compiled with the help of Heather Clark, Marketing Director at Gabriel Builders, the 2014 NAHB National Builder of the Year award winner.

Feeding Stations

"Built-in feeding stations are a great solution to keeping dog food and water bowls off of the floor," says Clark. They're most popular in the laundry room, mudroom or kitchen. You can customize for your dog's height, and, when dinner's done, tuck away the bowls for a streamlined look. According to Clark, these stations are "easy to incorporate no matter your budget."

dog washing station inside a home's laundry room area

Dog-washing Stations

Muddy paws no more! Built-in dog-washing stations, and a LINK AKC Smart Collar, mean Rover can romp to his heart's delight. Clark advises that mudrooms, laundry rooms and garages are great locations for them. They offer convenience and easy clean-up when your dog shakes off. And the Link Smart Pet Wearable app makes it easy to record Rover's before and after shots in your digital album!

Dog Beds Under Stairs

Built-in doghouses or snoozing areas create coziness and consistency, and they're a great way to optimize space. A doghouse or bed under the stairs "fits perfectly into the rest of the home without taking up any more floor space," says Clark.

custom dog house with lamps and fake siding on the front, built into a wall underneath a stairway

Dedicated Dog Rooms

Got space to spare? How about an entire room dedicated to Fluffy? Interior designer and TV host Vern Yip created a dog den for his four pooches. This hound haven offers inspiration for smaller spaces too, including individual leash hooks, artwork and tennis ball bins. Easy care tile flooring and direct access to the yard are easy-to-replicate features in your home.

If you're hoping to add one of these ideas to your home, look for "a builder who understands your immense love for your dog," says Clark. "We always suggest creating space for four-legged friends! Who doesn't like spoiling their dogs?"

Have you carved out a special spot for your pup in your home? Share with us!

Photos: Courtesy of Gabriel Builders

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