Dog Sleeping Positions Explained

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Dog Sleeping Positions Explained

You’ve probably envied your dog for his uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, in seemingly any position! Here are five dog sleeping positions and what they say about your pet.

Taking Flight

Dogs sprawling out on their tummies with all four legs stretched out are usually staying ready to jump out of sleep and into action. When puppies seem to run out of energy mid-training session, this is often their sleeping position of choice.

Sweet Surrender

Sleeping on his back with paws in the air helps your pup to cool off. In addition to watching him, you can rely on temperature alerts on your phone from the LINK AKC Smart Collar to know if your pup's getting a bit too warm. Since it's hard for him to get up quickly and his tender underside is exposed, this sleeping position usually indicates blissful, submissive comfort.

Macaroni Noodle

Sleeping curled up is the Sweet Surrender reversal. Dogs assume this position to conserve heat and protect vital organs, but it doesn't necessarily indicate anxiety. Canines often sleep in this position in the wild, so for them, its going au natural.

Game of Bones

Dogs sleeping on chairs with their heads elevated like they're lounging on a throne enjoy a protective and comfortable vantage point. This dog sleeping position indicates your regal Beagle is a guardian at heart, or he just really loves your upholstery.

Serial Snuggler

Nothing beats giving in to rainy day drowsiness and curling up with your pup, and that feeling being mutual. Dogs that insist on spooning are showing their affection just like a human might, so enjoy naptime with a dog that's totally chill.

Regardless of the position in which your pooch gets their z's, remember dogs have dreams just like we do. Yipping and twitching may be a sign she's getting spectacular sleep, but if your dog seems lethargic throughout the day, consult your vet to rule out injuries or sleep disorders.

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