Dog Treats Made From Holiday Leftovers

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Dog Treats Made From Holiday Leftovers

Before you bite the bullet and toss our holiday leftovers, we've got a tasty way to let your dog in on the fun. Throughout the holiday season, there's one ingredient that's a staple in most households and a key protein in dog food. You guessed it, turkey! Turn this holiday trademark dish into healthy treats your pup will absolutely love. Here are three mouthwatering meaty treats to try out:

Julie Van Rosendaal, food editor, cookbook author and the author of the Dinner with Julie blog, has a leftover turkey dinner dog treat recipe that's sure to be a savory hit with your pup. It's made with ingredients you'll probably have for your Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, veggies, one egg, and whole wheat, barley or oat flour. Gravy and stuffing are optional additions depending on what ingredients were included in the original recipe. For example, be sure to not include stuffing or sauce that has onions or any other foods dogs shouldn't eat.

For a dog treat that has even more Thanksgiving meal flavors, try this turkey dog biscuit recipe from blogger Corrinna Johnson that incorporates sweet potatoes and dried cranberries along with turkey. Cooked cranberries can be used but you may need to add more whole wheat flour to the recipe.

Got a dog who loves to chew? Keep it simple and satisfying with turkey jerky by Jodi Chick of Kol's Notes blog. The only ingredient required is the turkey itself. You can use white meat or dark meat; olive oil and parsley are optional flavor enhancers.

Did everyone scarf up the turkey? If you have extra pumpkin on hand, make your four-footed friend healthy and yummy pumpkin dog treats.

And to keep sharing the love all year long, why not start a Pinterest board for healthy dog treat recipes and save this article so you can come back to it each year at Thanksgiving. Share the board with family members and invite them to start a new tradition with you - turning leftover turkey into healthy dog treats for your furry family members. If you need ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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