Outsmarting Your Escape Artist

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Outsmarting Your Escape Artist

Going on adventures with your dog can be a great pastime, but what about when your dog attempts to go wandering by themselves? We’ve all heard stories about dogs jumping over fences, digging out of the yard, slipping free of their collars and bolting every time a door is opened. Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase, or maybe dogs are just reverting back to their free roaming internal instincts. Either way, here are some tips that we’ve compiled to help you prevent your curious pup from wandering off unattended.

Exercise Is Key!

Many dogs wander away from the yard when they aren’t getting the exercise and stimulation they need. Keeping your dog occupied and tired out is a great way to prevent them from getting the itch to escape. Teach your dog to play fetch or frisbee. Give your dog toys they can romp around the yard with. Keeping your dog active and engaged is the best way to prevent them from escaping. Taking your dog on long walks or a run is another way to tire them out both mentally and physically. Your dog will love walking around the neighborhood and seeing all the sights with you. As you tire them out, they will be less likely to embark on another adventure of their own after you return home.

Sit, Stay!

Brushing up on their obedience is another important technique. Take them to an obedience class or teach yourself some basics to practice at home. You can learn so much from YouTube or other online dog resources like the American Kennel Club website. Your dog wants to please you, so give them a way to do it! Next time you bring them out into the yard, start off by engaging them with some obedience practice.

Foolproof Fencing

There are also things that you can do to make your yard safer for your pet. First off, check the height of your fence. Adding just a few more inches of fencing can really make a difference. Also, adding a fence that slightly leans inward can help prevent your dog from leaping. Some dogs decide that digging under the fence is their best bet. One option is to add chicken wire at the base of your fence and burying it down. Make sure to lay the wire flat and roll it inward at the bottom to prevent any sharp edges. Another option is to lay large rocks around the perimeter of your fence.

Always remember, if your dog does escape, never punish them when they are already out of the yard. Dogs associate punishment with the action that they are doing at the time they are reprimanded. Instead, try to get to the root of the issue and practice positive behavior training like the ones listed above.


Making sure your dog is always wearing their LINK AKC Smart Collar is a great way to give yourself some added peace of mind. Our GPS enabled smart collar will help you pinpoint where your dog is right on your mobile phone. It uses WiFi and cellular signal so you can find your dog practically anywhere! Also, our activity tracking feature can help you keep track of how much activity your dog is getting during the day. Make sure they are consistently hitting their personalized activity goal. As mentioned above, it is important to make sure your dog is getting proper exercise so they are not bored. A tired dog is many times an obedient dog.

At the end of the day, you know your dog best. You should always keep your eyes on your dog when they are out in your yard and monitor their behavior, just like you would with your own child.

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