Extra Small, Extra Comfortable, Extra Smart

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Extra Small, Extra Comfortable, Extra Smart

Since we began shipping the LINK AKC Smart Collar, our commitment to improve the bond between dogs and their owners hasn't slowed one bit. Broadening our product capabilities to give dog owners the richest user experience possible has lead us to the introduction of two additional products. The Extra Small, and a new way to wear the LINK Collar, and our stylish Sport Sleeve accessories.

The Extra Small size offers a light and flexible leather sleeve as an alternative to the classic leather carrier. A design ideal for petite pups, it fits a neck width of 9"-13.5" and for dogs that are at least 10 pounds.


Our sleek Sport Sleeve accessories give your dog a new way to wear the LINK AKC tracking device and are great for dogs who want to switch up their look! The Sport Sleeve accessories feature durable, high-performance material, are available in two colors, pink and grey, and come with a S, M, or L quick-release nylon collar. The Sport Sleeve accessories can also easily fit your own favorite collar.


What's next? We are constantly looking for ways to further incorporate "smart living" into what we offer dog owners. Link AKC is part of a new integration with Amazon Echo's digital assistant Alexa, which offers users another way to interact with their dogs' smart collar in addition to the Link AKC app. Dog owners will now be able to use Alexa to access activity insights gathered from the LINK AKC Smart Collar.


We're just getting started! LINK AKC is the only smart dog collar with everything you need to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy. Try us out risk free for 90 days and see why we are America's smartest dog collar.

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