Father’s Day Gift Guide For Dog Dads

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Father’s Day Gift Guide For Dog Dads

Father's day is almost here. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to get for the Dog Dad in your life, we can help! We put together 13 of the best gifts for the best puppy papa you know!

split screen image - left half features golf bags in back of golf cart with dog shaped golf club covers, right side features a golf bag on a putting green with a dog club head cover

1. Dog Golf Club Cover

The Cuddle Clones golf head cover is the perfect gift for your golf loving dog-dad. Recently released, this personalized golf head cover that is guaranteed to look just like your pup! The process for ordering your Dad’s new favorite golf accessory is simple: just send a few snaps of your dad’s dog, and in a few weeks he’ll be headed to his tee-time in style.

Here at Link, one of our staff members tested out these adorable golf bag additions on her dog Kenzie. We were blown away with the result! It looked so realistic - down to her exact markings and even the crimps in her hair. We’ll post a side by side comparison soon!

Fore! $159 Cuddle Clones

split screen image - left half features a handheld dog massager close-up, right half shows dog massager being applied to a dogs back

2. Handheld Dog Massager

Father's Day is all about letting your dad get some much-needed R&R. Now he can get his best friend in on the action. This massager will help de-stress his pup and alleviate stiffness in his back, neck, and shoulders.

Give the Gift of Relaxation $8.99 Amazon

split screen image featuring the pooch selfie attached to a camera while taking a picture of dog on the left and right side

3. Pooch Selfie

Is your dog dad always snapping photos of him and his pup? If so, then this selfie attachment is a no-brainer. The Pooch Selfie is designed for every phone, so it doesn't matter what kind of phone he uses. And it even has a squeaker ball to make sure he gets the best photo every time!

Go Fetch One $9.99 Amazon

personalized wine label showing

4. Personalized Wine Label

If your dad enjoys a nice glass of wine to unwind after a hard day, this personalized Father's Day wine label will remind him of just how great of a dog dad he is. Just slap it onto a bottle of his favorite vino for an extra special custom gift.

Say Cheers! $3.30 Etsy

dog wearing a white doggie bath robe with pink trim and bucket holding a brush, shampoo and washcloth

5. Luxury Dog Spa

For the father with the most spoiled pooch, this luxury dog bath kit features a bamboo brush, shea butter shampoo/conditioner, and a terry cloth robe, so he can have his own spa day.

Give the Gift of Luxury. $49.50 Amazon

multipanel image demonstrating the dog shower sprayer

6. Dog Shower Sprayer Glove

Speaking of baths, this glove will give his dog a professional cleaning. The grooming glove easily attaches to a garden hose or shower. Help him speed through bath time, so he and his best friend can get back to lounging around together.

Scruba-dub-dub. $18.99 Amazon

split screen image on the left is a product photo of the hands-free runner leash and the right side shows a dog wearing the leash

7. Hands-free Runner Leash

If your dad loves to take a run with his pup, this is the gift he wants. It easily attaches to his waist and allows him to run hands-free, which means his hands are always open to give lots of pets.

Run and Grab This Gift $16.95 Amazon

dog lovers playing cards deck, deck cover and a sample hand of two of spades, six of clubs, eight of spades, queen of hearts and ace of clubs

8. Dog Lover’s Playing Cards

Let your Dog Father recreate the famous painting, Dogs Playing Poker, with this deck of illustrated dog cards. The deck has over 54 unique illustrations, so each hand has a new group of cuties.

Put on His Poker Face $7.96 Amazon

dog insulated tumbler and two tumblers inserted into a cars center console cup holders

9. Dog Lover Insulated Tumbler

There are two things most dog dads can't live without: their best friend and coffee. Let him combine his two favorite things with this stainless steel tumbler. He will be able to keep his coffee hot all day no matter where their adventures take them.

Mmmm Coffee $19.99 Amazon


10. LinkAKC Smart Collar

Inspire your dad to take more adventures with his pup and give him the security of knowing his best friend is safe. This smart collar features a GPS tracker, location alerts and an adventures feature that lets the two of them take photos of all the experiences they have together.

Get Him Adventuring $129 LinkAKC

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