Feeling the Heat: The Danger of Leaving a Dog in a Car

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Feeling the Heat: The Danger of Leaving a Dog in a Car

We've all seen how excited dogs can get when it's time to go for a ride. Most canines love to feel the breeze in their fur, but it's crucial no dog is left in a car - even for a moment.

Dogs Heat Up Fast

The average dog has a body temperature between 101 and 102.5 degrees, and they rely on inefficient panting and limited sweating to cool down. As a result, heat stroke is always a threat, and leaving your dog in the car can be a fatal error.

Open Windows Don't Help

Even on cool days, the temperature inside a car can jump up a massive 40 degrees Fahrenheit within an hour - and by 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes. Parking in the shade with the windows down won't eliminate the hazard, either. Even in a moving vehicle, when breezes feel cool to humans on a hot day, dogs are still in danger of overheating. Keep the air conditioning on for your canine.

During the winter, a car can quickly become a frigid, unsafe icebox. Leaving your dog in the car is just as dangerous when the temperature drops.

Auto Alternatives

You can, of course, take your dog along on a trip, and while he does run hotter than you, there are different ways to keep him cool on warm days

If you've got errands to run, use the drive-through window at restaurants, coffee shops, and pharmacies. When a longer list of appointments beckons, drop him off to play with a friend, or find pet-friendly stores in your area where your pet is welcome to shop with you. Residents of Brooklyn, New York have access to Dog Parker; a smart dog house located outside storefronts that provides a comfortable and safe place for your pup to wait while you quickly run inside.

What's the best way to be safe? First, never leave your dog alone in a car and second, trust the LINK AKC Smart Collar to provide extra support while you travel together. Our app will alert you when it's too hot or cold outside for your best friend. So settle in, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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