Frisbee Fun for You and Your Dog

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Frisbee Fun for You and Your Dog

Fall is the perfect time to go beyond daily walks and add a Frisbee to the mix! In no time you and your pup will both be working out without even thinking about it. Wouldn't you rather enjoy the outdoors with your canine best friend than toil away in a gym full of sweaty, huffing people? It's also a sport you can share in all but the most inclement weather. Playing dog Frisbee doesn't offer the same amount of exercise as Ultimate Frisbee, since Fido does the jumping and running and not you. But between walking and throwing, you achieve a decent workout while having fun and strengthening the bond with your pet.

Dog Frisbee Gear

When playing dog Frisbee, don't use the standard Frisbee disc. Rather, choose a special disc designed for canines. Dog discs aren't one-size-fits-all. They are created with canine size and strength in mind. There are Frisbees for dogs that double as improvised water bowls, but don't allow your pet to use them as chew toys. Not only is the plastic potentially harmful, but also the dog needs to respect the disc in order to properly play the game.

Training Your Dog to Frisbee

Teach your dog to catch a Frisbee by starting with a standard tennis ball. In an enclosed area, throw the ball. Praise your dog when he returns the ball to you. Once you've got fetch and retrieve down pat, introduce a soft disc. Begin by tossing it a few feet, increasing the distance as your dog improves. Before moving on to unfenced areas, make sure your dog has basic obedience training and responds readily to a "come" command. A LINK AKC Smart Collar serves as a handy tracking tool when you're throwing the Frisbee in wide-open spaces. In case your dog runs out of sight, you can easily identify his location. As your dog gets better at running and catching, transition him to a hard disc. If he doesn't take to the hard disc, try using the hard Frisbee as a feed bowl for a few weeks. He'll soon learn to love it.

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