From “No Pets” to “Dogs Welcome”

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From “No Pets” to “Dogs Welcome”

You've fallen head over paws for a spacious, beautiful new apartment for you and your furry best friend but how do you get your landlord to approve? If a no-pet policy stands in your way, these 5 courteous and effective tactics may change your landlord's mind.

1. Understand Landlord Concerns

The landlord may have previous bad experiences with dog-owner tenants. Create a dialogue by addressing such concerns as property damage, loud barking and liability by offering solutions.

2. Be a Model Tenant

Convince your landlord you'll be a responsible dog owner by being a responsible tenant. If you pay your rent on time and respect the lease terms, your consistency and reliability demonstrates you'll be considerate of others and clean up after your pet.

3. Provide a Reference

A dozen statements from friends who love your dog won't carry the weight of a letter from a former landlord. If you're wondering how to convince your landlord to allow pets, a positive reference from a prior landlord can be very persuasive. Move-out documentation reflecting no issues from the property where you previously lived can also build a strong case for you and your pup.

4. Demonstrate Doggie Devotion

Share detailed dog plans with your landlord, including the name of your dog walker and your plan to provide your pup with exercise and play while you're at work. Show your landlord your LINK AKC Smart Collar and explain how it helps keep furry tenants happy and healthy. Talk about the wellness features, such as tracking your dog's daily activity and providing notice in case she gets lost in her new neighborhood.

5. Pay a Pet Deposit

Getting your landlord to allow pets usually means being prepared to pay an additional deposit for potential doggie damage. Even if they don't have a formal amount documented, offer a refundable deposit that you're comfortable with so they know you're willing to be held accountable for any damage or nuisance your dog causes.

Don't let a hesitant landlord stop you and your pup from living happily together in the place of your dreams!

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