Fun Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

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Fun Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here! There's nothing more fun than dressing up in a cool costume - except maybe dressing your dog up in one too! You can buy pet costumes ready-made, or, with a little ingenuity, you can make one yourself. Here are a few fun dog Halloween costume ideas.

Frensh bulldog dressed as a generic superhero

  • Superhero Costumes. Your dog is your hero all year, but for one night, he can be everyone else's hero, too. A superhero costume can be as simple as a cape and a mask, or something a little more elaborate. Choose your or your dog's favorite superhero, or create your own Super Pup.
Afgan dog wearing feathered angel wings
  • Winged Costumes. A doggie shirt with wings on the back is an easy costume to put your furry friend into. It's also an easy one to make, and incredibly versatile. You can turn your dog into a bat, a butterfly, an angel, and so much more. You can also attach extra legs to the shirt, to make them into a bug or an insect.
bulldog dressed as a pirate
  • Two-Legged Costumes. One of the most fun and creative types of costumes for pets is the kind that go over only their front half. They generally include a shirt and pants, and often a hat, as well as fake arms protruding from either side in some sort of dramatic pose. You've probably seen the videos of dogs dressed as everything from a pirate with a drawn cutlass, to a hockey player with a stick, to a teddy bear, and more. When viewed from head on, it looks like they're walking on two legs, wearing a normal human costume. The effect is adorable and makes for great photos and videos.

Two corgis dressed as ghosts
  • Dual and Group Costumes. One thing that's always fun is to dress yourself and your dog in complementary costumes. Dress as Han Solo, and your dog as Chewbacca (or vice versa). Put your dog in a lion's mane, and dress yourself as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - or go as Alice in Wonderland, and dress your dog as the White Rabbit. If you have multiple dogs, you can also dress them up together: Woody and Buzz Lightyear; Mario and Luigi; Larry, Curly, and Moe; the sky's the limit!

Safety and Other Tips

Before putting your dog in any kind of costume, it's important to make sure they're comfortable and safe. It should be something lightweight, that won't obstruct their sight, hearing, or other senses, won't overheat, and allows them to move easily. And while some pets love being dressed up, for others it causes anxiety. Don't make them wear a costume if they don't like it, and don't be afraid to use just part of a costume, if there's one piece they respond well to, but another that they don't.

Your dog's size, breed, coloring, etc. are also important factors in choosing a costume. Find one that fits their specific look. For instance, a small black terrier could be Toto, while a golden retriever would be better as the Cowardly Lion.

These are just some of the Halloween costumes open to you and your canine companion. Check your local costume shops to see if they have any pet costumes available, for rent or for purchase. And check on YouTube, Pinterest, and other places online, for more ideas that you can make yourself. By combining equal parts creativity and comfort, you can make your dog an adorable Halloween costume that's fun for both you and them, and that everyone will love.

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