Get Out of Town: Dog-Friendly San Diego

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Get Out of Town: Dog-Friendly San Diego

Craving a vacation to get away from your troubles, but don't want to leave your best friend behind? San Diego, California is home to many pawfect, dog-friendly hotspots that are sure to keep you and your pup busy! From hotels to restaurants, and from restaurants to beach spots, this guide will help you plan a trip that's fun for the whole family.

Howling Good Hotels

1. The Town and Country hotel is a perfect place to stay in sunny San Diego. With its quaint bungalows, a pet run for playing fetch and enough room for four and a pooch, this hotel makes for a peaceful place to rest your paws!

2. If you are looking for something more private, small and close to the ocean, Blue Heron Cottages are just what you had in mind. Each cottage sleeps four and includes a kitchen and a living room. Fido is free to run around in the fenced-in courtyard while your family barbeques, and can tag along on a walk to the beach!

Rover-friendly Restaurants

1. The Patio on Lamont Street is a restaurant inspired by California cuisine, and praised by dog-lovers everywhere. Enjoy a nice meal on the open-air patio while your best friend enjoys a house-made dog biscuit and a fresh bowl of water!

2. Looking for a fun dive that allows good dogs? The Regal Beagle is a great local bar with craft beers and a dog-friendly patio space. The bartenders can fill up your drink, and will be more than happy to fill up your dog's as well!

Bone-a-fide Beaches

1. The one beach that is nationally famous and is considered to be one of the first official leash-free beaches in the U.S. is known as The Original Dog Beach. Surfers, pet-lovers and dogs of all shapes and sizes gather here to play in the waves and dig into the soft sand that covers the land. If you and your pup become separated, you can always rely on their LINK AKC collar app to find them immediately.

2. This large sandy island located in Mission Bay is a party for both dogs and their canine-loving humans, and is otherwise known as Fiesta Island Off-Leash Dog Park. With sandy dunes to romp in and calm bay waters to stick their paws in, dogs of all breeds will enjoy this safe beachy getaway.

Getting away for some R&R is more fun with your furry friend so why not head to San Diego, where dogs are welcome and there are a number of places for the whole family to enjoy! And while you're on your adventure, don't forget to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #LINKAKCAdventures.

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