Getting Scrappy: Do’s and Don’ts for Feeding People Food to Dogs

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Getting Scrappy: Do’s and Don’ts for Feeding People Food to Dogs

It's tempting to feed your dog table scraps, but not every nibble is worth sharing with him, no matter how pleading the puppy dog eyes. With the help of nationally acclaimed pet wellness advocate, Tracie Hotchner, we've put together a list of seven do's and don'ts about foods that dogs can and can't eat.

1. DON'T feed toxic foods. There are certain foods that dogs just cannot eat, including grapes, raisins and chocolate. Bone up on household hazards for dogs and other questionable foods.

2. DON'T feed your dog meat or poultry fats. "Fat from meats, such as lamb, pork, and beef, can lead to health issues like obesity and even pancreatitis," says Hotchner. Fatty poultry skin can upset digestion and cause weight gain.

3. DON'T feed spicy food or foods with rich sauces. Spicy food, like Mexican or Indian, can be really cruel says Hotchner. "By the time a dog realizes a food is heavily spiced, it will have already burned her tongue and even caused burning through her digestive tract."

4. DON'T feed table scraps during a meal. Feed in the kitchen after you've finished. "If your dog has started begging at the table, then mid-meal sharing should be stopped," asserts Hotchner.

5. DO feed fish. Any fish, especially with the skin, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Hotchner's choice? Salmon.

6. DO share veggies. Most cooked or raw vegetables are healthy for dogs. You can feed salad greens, but leave behind the onions and dressing, two foods dogs shouldn't eat.

7. DO mind portion sizes. If your dog starts to gain weight, limit table foods. Monitor his overall health and track his exercise needs with the Link Smart Pet Wearable featuring activity monitoring and even calorie tracking! 

During the holidays, Tracie Hotchner, host of Dog Talk® (and Kitties Too!), and the Link team recommend you plan ahead for the foods your dog can safely eat, and set aside small bites to maintain portion control. Your pup can enjoy the treat, and you won't feel guilty!

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