Happy Barkday: Pawsome Birthday Tips

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Happy Barkday: Pawsome Birthday Tips

Each day with your pup is precious, but your dog's birthday deserves its own fanfare. From subdued celebrations to a birthday bash with doggie pals, there are plenty of ways to make it a special occasion. We've got five tips to keep in mind when you plann your dog's next birthday party:

1. Focus on Personality

Your dog's personality should be the barometer for the type of celebration you throw. Is he anxious in new environments? Keep the celebration at home. Got an attention hound? Gather a group together and book an outdoor table at her favorite dog-friendly restaurant.

2. Groom Your Guest List

Be selective with your guest list for your puppy's birthday celebration. The party shouldn't be the first time your dog meets another dog. Invite well-socialized pooches with attentive paw-rents for a fun and stress-free affair.

3. Fetch His Favorites

You are the expert at what makes your dog happiest. For activities, focus on Fifi's favorite things. If she loves a good game of fetch, set aside time to do just that. Visit the park that always gets Walter's tail wagging, or stop by the local fire station that keeps a treat jar stocked.


4. Make Gifts a Win-Win

There's no better time than a birthday to give your pooch something to stand the test of time. Try a gift that loves him back. The LINK AKC Smart Collar, with GPS monitoring, wellness tracking and an LED safety light is a smart gift for both of you. And our gift to you is $20 off on the cost as a special launch deal. But don't delay; unlike your dog's love for you, this special offer is good for a limited amount of time! To make gift opening more fun, bundle up practical presents with their favorite treats.

5. Play Fair

Although there's only one birthday dog, make sure you have favors and treats for the other pooches at your barkday party. Studies confirm dogs can sense when things aren't fair, so keep your canine guests from feeling left out by providing extra toys and treats.

How do you celebrate your dog's birthday in style? Share with us!

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