Helping Hands During Disaster: Hurricanes

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Helping Hands During Disaster: Hurricanes

With the trio of Hurricanes having recently ripped through the Caribbean and coast of the United States, we want to recognize and celebrate the humans and canines who have pitched in to help others during tragedy and despair.

Paws on the Ground

Hurricane Harvey may be over, and Irma may be on her way out, but the effects of the storms will be long-lasting. There are dozens of volunteers who heroically risked their lives to save the people, dogs, animals and wildlife that were impacted. From the United States Navy and Coast Guard, to civilians, firefighters, police, fearless canines and so many other selfless groups and came in many forms.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation deployed 15 search teams in the wake of Hurricane Harvey down to Texas. One team included a pup named Rocket, a rescued Border Collie mix, who was at one time deemed unadoptable due to his high energy. Now he’s saving lives and leaving no one left behind. In preparation for Hurricane Irma the foundation deployed 16 Canine Disaster Search teams to Florida, some going almost a week before it was predicted to make landfall.

Rocket and his handler

How You Can Help

Donations and supplies are what people and pets need in the aftermath of these devastating storms. There are many ways for you to provide this type of support. AKC Reunite is one way for you to donate funds to help the animals impacted by natural disasters. You can also foster dogs displaced from Texas shelters through organizations like Muddy Paws in New York, San Diego and other cities. Many organizations are accepting the support of volunteers, call your local animal shelter to determine rescue efforts and how you can get involved.

Always be Prepared

Hurricanes aren’t the only natural disaster to consider when you think about preparing yourself and your loved ones. Make sure you have the tools and resources needed to stay as safe as possible.

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