Honest & Loyal: Year of the Dog

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Honest & Loyal: Year of the Dog

In case you haven't heard or seen the adorable swag at Starbucks, 2018 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The calendar itself dates back to the Shang Dynasty (14th century BC) and is a cycle of twelve years that are each represented by an animal. Each of the animals has an associated list of attributes, fortunes, compatibility metrics and more. Here's our quick guide to the Year of the Dog and what it might mean to you.

Dog characteristics: Anyone who has had a canine companion knows that dogs are loyal, dependable and the best friend you might ever find. People born under the sign of the Dog are said to share those traits. They are the truest friends, reliable partners and loyalty is their top characteristic. They are quite popular and are a great source of advice and wisdom. However, Dogs may also have a worrisome and anxious nature but that never gets in the way of their goals and aspirations. Recent years of the Dog are 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.

Men born in the year of the Dog are said to be genuine and honest. They are however more pessimistic than optimistic, very opinionated and energetic. They care deeply about family and do not trust easily. However, once you gain their trust it is yours forever. Women born in the Dog year are very cautious. They also do not trust easily however once they do it is permanent. They are strong protectors and love being in the outdoors and enjoying nature. They're hard workers and do everything it takes to succeed.

Dog Compatibility:

  • Rabbits: Dogs are attracted to their kindness.
  • Tigers: Dogs need their optimism and reassurance.
  • Horses: They respect each other's opinion.
  • Dragons: Incompatible due to a lack of trust and may argue a lot.
  • Oxen: Conflicting interests.
  • Goats: They tolerate each other, but that's the extent of it.

Lucky for Dogs:

  • Colors - Green, red and purple
  • Numbers - 3,4,9
  • Mineral - Emerald

Careers for Dogs: They will do best in a career where there is a competitive environment since they aim to please and strive to get the job done to the best of their abilities. Anyone who has given their four-legged dog a job to do - fetch, herd, agility or just walk politely on a leash - has seen this quality before as well. Human 'Dogs' possess strong reasoning skills and pay attention to detail. They also have strong morals and judge everyone in order to decide their level of trust.

At Link AKC we celebrate the dog not only during the Chinese New Year, but every single day. Looking at the human characteristics listed for the Dog zodiac sign we can find tons of similarities to our own lovable canine friends. Makes sense, right? The unwavering loyalty and reliability dogs inherently have make them the best friends we could ever ask for. They can be stubborn at times and pass judgement on strangers before offering a slobbery kiss but aim to please and gain your approval. We love all reasons to celebrate dogs and all they bring to our lives!

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