How Pet Technology Helps Pups Prosper

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How Pet Technology Helps Pups Prosper

Smart home technology is EVERYWHERE. These devices are available for just about anything, including your pets! With the power of the internet, we can control thermostats, keep an eye on our homes, see who's ringing our doorbell, and even play with our pets remotely. While it’s no replacement for in-person attention, pet technology makes it easier to be an owner and can enrich pets’ lives when we can’t be there with them. Here are some of the best ways smart pet tech can improve your life as well as your pet's lives.

Stay Fed & Fit

More than half of dogs in the US are overweight or obese. Obesity reduces the quality of your pet’s life, and among other risks, causes increased cancer and joint disease. Thankfully, there are pet technology products that can help you responsibly manage your pet’s weight through portion control and exercise goals. With a smart pet feeder like the Wagz Serve Smart Feeder, you can keep track of how much your dog has eaten and even feed them remotely.

Activity monitoring devices like the LINK AKC can help you set goals for your dog’s exercise based on the American Kennel Club’s years of knowledge and experience. These goals are customized to your dog based on their age, size, and breeds.

Prevent Boredom

App-integrated games bring new possibilities to your pup’s playtime. PupPod Wobbler and CleverPet Hub challenge dogs to earn food rewards by solving puzzles with light and sound stimuli. The difficulty levels can be adjusted, new puzzles can be downloaded through the apps, and both can be played by your pup when you are away. Both are a great way to sharpen your dog’s mind and stave off boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviors.

Another toy currently in development, PlayDate, will let you play with your pet when you’re away by controlling a remote-control ball with your phone. The ball is complete with a camera that provides an immersive new perspective on your pet. By providing your dog with new opportunities to play during the day they will feel more relaxed at the day’s end.

Ease Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a serious problem for many dogs and is characterized by a state of panic when left alone, often leading to property destruction and incessant barking. Thankfully anxious dogs can benefit from modern technology that allows owners to check in on and reassure their dogs while away. Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser is sound and video-enabled so you can see and even speak to your pet. The best part is you can even toss them a treat right from your smartphone!

Emerging smart pet technologies give us the insight and tools to care for our pets in important ways. How has your pet benefit from smart pet technologies?

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