How to Get Free Stuff for Your Dog!

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How to Get Free Stuff for Your Dog!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Why not take advantage of these tips on how to get free stuff for your dog. They make great doggie stocking stuffers, birthday presents, and even gifts for your pet parent friends!

Potty Time Freebies

Ok, so potty time isn’t always party time, but it’s definitely a daily deal for all pet parents. Why not make life a little easier with these potty time freebies:

  • For #1 – If you’ve ever potty trained a puppy, have a dog with small bladder, or have taken care of an elderly dog, then you’re probably pretty familiar with Potty Pads. Why not get some free ones from Pet World? They’ve got different scents and absorbencies to choose from, so go for it!
  • For #2Scoopin’ poop is probably not one of the highlights of your day, but it’s a necessity. If you’re eco-conscious then you’ve likely considered all the plastic waste that dog poop bags can accumulate in such a short time. If you’ve been hesitant to go with a biodegradable bag for any reason, try them out for free first.

Free Treats

Most dogs are seriously food motivated, but the market is saturated with all kinds of treats and food. It would be an expensive journey to try out every single treat and food on the market, and it wouldn’t be very safe for your pup. Instead, why not get some freebies and test out small bits to see what your dog might like?

  • Natural Pet Food – If you’ve been thinking about cleaning up your dog’s diet with more natural foods, then head on over to Food Pet Purveyor and sample a huge host of natural pet foods and treats. All you have to do is pay $1.00 and possibly some shipping (though many times shipping is free).
  • Starbucks – If you’ve ever been to Starbucks with your cute, furry, best friend, then a barista might have offered you a Puppuccino. A secret menu item, this delicious dairy treat is a wonderful way to cool down your dog on a hot summer day while you sip on your Frappuccino.
  • Dairy Queen – Speaking of summer-time fun, Dairy Queen also has a secret menu item for your pup. It’s called the pup cup and it’s another way to give your dog a free treat while you enjoy one of your own!

Health & Safety

Keeping your dog safe, healthy, and happy is your most important job as a pet parent. With these freebies, you’ll not only save some money, you’ll also gain some peace of mind.

  • Get a Free Toothbrush – Dental health is extremely important for your dog, but as many pet parents know, it’s not always an easy chore to handle. If your dog is one of those who absolutely hates bristle type brushes, then head on over to iheartdogs and get your free rubber toothbrush.
  • Free Safety Kit – You never know when an emergency will happen, so it’s always best to be prepared. Two ways to do this are to make sure emergency workers know how many pets you have inside your house and to make sure you have easy access to important telephone numbers like poison control. That’s where the ASPCA comes in with this free safety kit.

More Freebies!

Pet product companies give away free stuff all the time, but many times, those offers are limited. The trick is to know where to look. The sites listed below are great resources for hunting down current offers:

  • PinchMe – For just the cost of the time it takes to fill out a survey, you can get free samples of dog products from major brands. Marketing departments at pet companies are always looking for data to inform their decisions. That data is valuable, so why not offer some up in exchange for free stuff!
  • Bring Fido – The Bring Fido website specializes in helping you find dog-friendly spots, so you can take your best friend with you everywhere you go. And because companies know they have their pulse on the dog world, they often get a bunch of free samples. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter to get your hands on these dog freebies.
  • Hunt4Freebies – This website shows you lists of freebies for all kinds of products, and they have a special pet products category that’s regularly updated. Fair warning, the site is littered with ads and isn’t the most user-friendly layout, but it’s worth an occasional look because you can sometimes find some amazing dog freebies.

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