How to Prepare for Take Your Dog to Work Day

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How to Prepare for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friends at work make for a happy day. Having your best friend at work makes for a crazy happy day! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a reason to take your pup to work?

Fortunately, there is a reason. And, it's perfect for dog lovers just like you!

Pet Sitters International has designated June 21st as the National Take Your Dog to Work Day. They encourage people to take their dogs to work, so they can enjoy the hustle with the companionship of their best friend.

To make sure your day goes as awesome as you’re dreaming it could be, here are eight tips to help you prepare, plan, and make your buddy's visit to work easy and fun.

Proper 'Job Orientation' For Your Pup

  • Get Permission - First, make sure you have your boss’ permission and the support of your co-workers. Not everybody is as comfortable around dogs as you. So, before you bring your dog to work, let everybody know about the special day and invite them to participate!
  • Do a Safety Check - Next, look around your work area and make sure there is nothing your dog could get into that could be a potential hazard for him. This could be exposed cords or any objects on the ground within his reach.
  • Be Honest With Yourself - Before bringing your dog to work, give yourself an honest assessment of her temperament. Is she an excitable dog? How does she react around strangers? Be honest with yourself. Don't make excuses for your dog's behavior. If she's ever shown any type of anti-social tendencies, “Take Your Dog to Work Day” might not be for her.
  • Properly Prepare - On the day you bring your pooch to work you're going to have to pack for two. Bring a toy or a favorite stuffed animal, a bowl for water and some food or dog treats. Also, have a leash for walks and (of course!) for parading her around.
  • Potty Breaks! - Upon arrival at work, take your dog for a walk so she can relieve herself and also get any type of excess energy out. Just like humans, doggos also get excited when they leave home and are introduced to groups of new people. The last thing you want to have happen is an 'accident' on the carpet.
  • Be Accommodating - Realize you might have to restructure your day and work-flow so you can accommodate the needs of your pet. You don't want to leave them alone, and they might need to go out during inconvenient times.
  • Have a Plan B - Have a plan for getting your dog home if things don't work out. It is possible for dogs to become overstimulated and react with incessant barking, whining, or other bothersome behavior. If you live close to work, you can take her home at lunch or on a break. However, if you have a longer commute, consider having a secondary location to temporarily place your pet. Make a plan for an available friend or relative to be able to respond and pick her up.

We hope that you do participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day. It makes for a fun and exciting day, breaks the monotony of your normal work week, and creates stronger bonds between co-workers.

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