Introducing The Link Smart Dog Collar

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Introducing The Link Smart Dog Collar

The Link smart collar is now available for reservation at

Why should human wrists have all the fun? The all-new Link Smart Collar was designed to help you take a more informed and active role in managing your dogs’ well being. With a modern technology that helps you track puppy stats all day long, the Link Smart Collar and app keep you connected to your best friend, even when you can’t be together.

Endorsed by the American Kennel Club, the Link smart collar is beautifully adorned in high quality, durable latigo leather and was designed to comfortably fit the natural shape of a dog’s neck. But what does it do?

The Link smart collar has:

  • GPS and location tracking that allows you to find your dog’s location with the push of a button and set custom notification alerts if your dog leaves the boundaries of your yard.
  • Activity monitoring and insights: Just like you track your steps and diet, the Link smart collar and app help you keep an eye on stats such as your dog’s daily activity levels and more.
  • Remote-controlled light: The Link smart collar is the only smart collar with a remote- controlled light to help you find your dog in the dark, or light up a late-night walk.
  • Adventures: Create a scrapbook with the touch of a button to easily capture special adventures, save precious memories instantly, and share on Facebook.
  • Temperature: Keep track of your dog’s temperature in extreme weather and make sure they’re comfy and safe.

The Link smart collar also has many other features that can help make dog ownership easier and way more fun! Get ready for personalized breed and lifestyle insights, consolidated veterinary and health reminders, and remote turn-on sound.

“We can say with confidence that there’s nothing quite like the Link smart collar in the market today” says Michael Basone, Chief Operating Officer of Link. “We feel strongly that the growing market of passionate and dedicated dog owners deserves technology that actually fits their lifestyle, and that of their dogs. We designed the Link smart collar with a distinct purpose to create a bridge that will take the bond between dog and human to new levels.”

So, are you ready to take your canine friendship to the next level? Reserve your Link smart collar now at Reserving your collar means you’ll be one of the first to receive it and you don’t get charged until it ships to your front door. Orders are expected to ship after the holidays.

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