Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and there are probably still a few people you need to buy gifts for. Fighting crowds in stores and figuring out what to get that person who already has everything – it can be a headache.

But you're in luck if one of the people on your list is a dog lover. It opens up a myriad of gift ideas that can be either bought or made simply and relatively cheaply, even at the last minute. And to make it even easier, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that we know pet parents will love.

Fair warning: these gifts are incredible, and you’re probably going to want them for yourself too. Just saying – be prepared to discover some things you didn’t even know you needed until now.

Pit bull wearing Julius K9 Harness while shaking owners hand#1 Julius K9 – The IDC®LONGWALK Harness

Every pup parent knows the struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect harness or collar. Some breeds are notorious pullers (we’re looking at you Beagles), while other dogs are so floofy it’s hard to find a harness that comfortably fits (hello Huskies).

Julius K9 to the rescue with the IDC®LONGWALK Harness. They’ve come up with the perfect harness specifically made for a dog’s anatomy. Seriously, everything about this harness is engineered for comfort, safety, and durability. Any pet parent would be thrilled to get this harness as a gift.

3 dogs wearing silidog tags#2 Silidog

Dog tags are a staple for many pet parents, but if you’ve ever had a pet with a classic metal tag, you’ve learned a few things: they fade, they break, and they make a really annoying sound.

Silidog solves this problem with custom, handmade silicone dog tags. The durable silicone material means they won’t fade, can stand up to the wear and tear that dogs put their tags through, and best of all – they’re quiet. So, if you know a pup parent with a noisy dog tag, this simple, affordable, and customized gift could mean the world to them.

Dog in motorcycle sidecar wearing rex specs#3 RexSpecs – Dog Goggles

Yep, dogs wearing goggles are as adorable as you’re imagining them in your mind. But, why goggles? Well, for some dogs it’s a medical necessity, but there are plenty of other reasons too. RexSpecs offer UV protection, wind protection, and protection from plenty of hazards that active dogs are exposed to.

So, who is this gift for? Know a pet parent who takes their dog hunting or is training a hunting dog? Got a friend who loves to take their dog on bright, sunny beach trips? What about that bad-to-the-bone dog that rides in a motorcycle? Needless to say, adventurous pet parents will get a kick out of this gift that they can put to great use.

Dog staring at a box of custom christmas cookies#4 – Wufers Dog Cookies

If you really have no clue what to get a fellow pet parent in your life, you can’t go wrong with cookies – dog cookies, that is. Wufers makes humanely sourced, simple ingredient cookies that are also super cute and Instagram-worthy.

Even the hardest to please pet parents will be satisfied with these pup treats because they can be eaten by all kinds of dogs, including picky eaters, those with sensitive tummies, and even pups with allergies. Just make sure you tell the pet parents who the cookies are for. The ingredients are so pure, humans can eat them, but they’re designed for puppy palates.

Dog sleeping in a zenDen pet bed#5 – ZenDen Pet Beds

Have you ever tried to give your dog a dog bed only to find him running around in circles on top of it, scratching away at the fabric? That’s because dogs have a natural instinct to nest, and most dog beds don’t take this into account.

ZenDen Pet Beds are designed for dogs to nest in, meaning they will feel comfortable and happy digging and circling to find the perfect, cozy position. If you’ve got a pup parent friend with a dusty dog bed sitting lonely in a corner, this will be the perfect gift for them.

DIY Dog Bones on a Tray#6 DIY It

If it’s really, really coming down to the last minute for you, you can always DIY some gifts for your pet parent friends. They’ll not only love the gift, but they’ll appreciate the time you spent making it. Here are some ideas:

  • Framed Photo - Look for a particularly adorable photo of your friend's dog, or of them with their dog. Have it printed and put it in a decorative frame. They probably have plenty of great photos to choose from on social media. Or if they don't, give them a gift certificate for a professional puppy photo shoot - or in a pinch, offer to take some photos yourself.
  • Homemade Treats - If you're culinarily inclined, bake your dog-loving friend some cookies, and make a complementary batch for their canine companion. Peanut butter cookies are particularly good for this, and there are tons of great peanut butter dog treat recipes like this one online.
  • Dog Silhouette Portrait – You don’t need to be crafty to pull this off. Simply find a good portrait of your friend’s dog or a full-body portrait of the same breed. Paint a canvas black (or any color) and then cut out and trace the silhouette onto the canvas. Then, paint in the silhouette in a contrasting color. Simple and fun!

With a little imagination, there are all sorts of different gift ideas for the dog lover in your life - even at the last minute. Whether it's something you buy or that you make yourself, there's no better gift for a pup parent than showing you care, both about them and about their furry friend.

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