An LED Collar is a Must for After Dark Safety

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An LED Collar is a Must for After Dark Safety

Seeing in the Dark

Finding ways to keep your pet safe is a constant concern for dog parents. And life outdoors after dark, whether you're taking a leisurely stroll around the block after dinner, playing in a park off leash or camping with the entire family, offers additional challenges. An LED dog collar, monitored from your smartphone, provides an essential safety element for your beloved pet and peace of mind for you.

The LINK AKC Smart Collar gives you the ability to see your dog in the dark with the push of a button. LINK AKC contains an LED light that you can turn on from the app for up to 30 minutes, then it automatically turns off to conserve battery life.

The bright LED light lets other adventurers know your dog is nearby, so they won't be startled. Worried your Lab might decide on a quick swim in the pond? The LINK AKC collar is water resistant. Concerned about battery life for a camping trip? A fully charged battery will last three to five days under normal use.


Tybee wearing his LINK AKC Smart Collar during a nighttime walk.

Digital Interface

Dogs with a tendency to wander off or a love of chasing down scents, can make life a challenge. But the LINK AKC Smart Collar makes it simple to find them when they're out of visual range. If your dog is faster than you, use LINK AKC's app to pinpoint his location and turn on the collar's light with the push of a button.

In addition to the built-in LED light, the LINK AKC Smart Collar includes a sound feature, which can be a useful positive reinforcement-training tool.

Add the ability to track your dog's activity, log the distance traveled and enable temperature safety alerts to the list of features, and the result is one of the best dog collars available. It's the perfect solution for active dogs and their loving owners.

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