Link Story: Mark & Bowen

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Link Story: Mark & Bowen

Star of the Story: Bowen
Pet Parent: Mark
Home State: Washington

We recently connected with long-time Link customer, Mark, to learn what he loves about Link. While Mark doesn’t have a dramatic tale of loss or a big runaway scare with his beloved pup, he talked us through his day-to-day use cases and the peace of mind Link brings their family on multiple fronts.

In 2018, Mark decided a Plott Hound would be the perfect dog for his family and began searching for a pup of this breed to bring into his household. Mark chose Bowen and he quickly settled right in as a beloved member of the family. Mark loved that the Plott Hound is a loyal and independent breed, but worried that Bowen’s extraordinarily strong hunting drive could quickly take him far from home in the blink of an eye if he caught a whiff of something that piqued his interest.

With this concern in mind, Mark began researching dog GPS trackers and landed on Link as the perfect fit for his needs.

“We decided to purchase the Link so we’d be able to keep an eye on Bowen at home and at the dog park,” Mark says, “At the time we didn’t realize just how much peace of mind it would give us.”

Mark and Bowen regularly spend time at their local dog park, and Mark notes that there are large, wooded areas within the park where the dogs can roam off leash. Bowen will often pick up the scent of an animal and he is quickly off into the wooded areas where he explores for some time. With the Link, Mark can always get a pinpoint read on where Bowen is, so he knows he’s safe within the confines of the park.


Mark adds, “The Link is also great while on an evening walk. The built-in flashlight lights up the path and when I let Bowen out at night, I can quickly turn on the light and easily spot him in the yard.”

If you’re looking for ways to keep your pet protected from the unexpected and also connect with your pet in all areas of your day-to-day life together, click here to learn more about Link – the lightweight, waterproof pet wearable packed with features like GPS tracking, activity monitoring, training tools, an LED flashlight and so much more.

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