Make Your Dog’s Christmas Dinner a Winner

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Make Your Dog’s Christmas Dinner a Winner

Your dog is an important member of your family, and this means she deserves a special holiday meal of her own. Christmas dinner for your dog needs to be healthy in addition to including yuletide elements. Here are five ideas for serving your pup a Christmas feast.

1. Share your menu. It's okay to serve your dog a small portion of the turkey, chicken, salmon or pork roast the rest of the family is enjoying for Christmas dinner. But think of your four-legged friend as Jack Spratt who could not eat fat, and make sure the portion is lean protein only. Also, take a look to see which fruits and vegetables are on the approved list.

2. Add slow-cooked veggies. A slow cooker is your friend when you are busy preparing a human holiday feast but also when you want to make your dog a special Christmas dinner. Chop sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans and toss them in the slow cooker. Stay away from seasoning a small portion and they'll be perfect for your dog's Christmas dinner.

3. Flavor with broth. Juices from your holiday bird can add an extra pop of flavor to Rover's dinner plate or put your leftover chicken or beef broth to good use in his everyday chow.

4. Avoid forbidden food. Be aware and steer clear of dangerous foods for dogs. Poultry bones and fish bones are in the hazardous category along with onions, nuts, raisins, chocolate and dairy.

5. Save some for seconds. You probably feed your dog once every evening or morning, but on Christmas, feed her twice for extra fun if you'll be dining at a special time. Divide her meal into two servings. If you're eating earlier in the day, serve the first alongside your guests and the second portion at her regular feeding time. Dogs can tell time, so to speak, and she'll expect her dinner at the regular time!

Remember fat, salt and sweets can do serious harm to your dog, so just say no to begging for table scraps. Give guests a few dog cookies, so they can slip her a Christmas treat if they're comfortable with it. But be sure to maintain her overall exercise throughout the days of celebration and treats so her health stays on track!


  • Avoid dangerous foods that can hurt your dog.
  • Serve your dog a lean portion of the meat, poultry or fish you are eating.
  • Cook vegetables in a slow cooker to save time.
  • Moisten foods with broth.
  • Divide one feeding into two for twice the fun.
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